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The international orientation of TÜV AUSTRIA Group and its multitude of certifications (both national and international) prove TÜV AUSTRIA to be your qualified, safe and reliable partner.

ÖBB - TÜV AUSTRIA certified safety, punctuality & comfort

Austria's largest mobility service provider sends around 4,300 trains into the race every day and, with a punctuality rate of around 96 percent, ranks among Europe's best. Punctuality is a prerequisite for certification to EN 13816 by TÜV AUSTRIA, in addition to numerous other criteria such as accessibility, comfort and safety. ÖBB Personenverkehr AG also meets the requirements of the safety management system 1158/2010 with flying colors. With ISO 9001 the company also has a certified quality management system.

ÖBB Infrastruktur AG successfully completed asset management certification according to ISO 55001 which places numerous demands on the asset management of the ÖBB subsidiary.

TÜV AUSTRIA certified information security for MedAustron

The Wiener Neustadt Cancer Treatment and Research Center MedAustron is one of the first companies in the healthcare sector in Austria whose data security has been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA.

MedAustron pays great attention to the protection of personal and patient data, as well as against threats, risks, and misuse. All measures implemented to achieve the goal of information security have successfully passed the ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This abbreviation stands for the international standard for information security management systems. It describes the requirements that must be met during the introduction and ongoing use of such systems and their security mechanisms.

In practice, this means taking many precautions, such as virus scanners, firewalls or multi-factor authentication, but above all, it means making users understand and providing them with ongoing and sustainable training.

TÜV TRUST IT certifies Atos Datacenter

The Vienna North data center of Atos, the world's leading IT service provider for digital transformation, is one of the most secure and energy-efficient in Austria. The data center in Vienna-Floridsdorf has achieved the highest possible certification level with Tier IV. In the certification process, services in the area of security of supply of the data center were reviewed. In particular, this applies to access, burglary and fire protection, server cooling and emergency power supply. In the event of an incident, this 99.99 percent reliability means that availability is guaranteed.

The data center was first certified by TÜV TRUST IT TÜV AUSTRIA as early as 2016, and the recertification is now valid for another three years. In addition, a surveillance audit is conducted annually.

TÜV AUSTRIA certifies green mail

Environmental awareness is at the heart of what Austrian Post does - and has been for many years. With sustainable measures, the company contributes significantly to improving environmental and climate protection. For example, since 2011, CO2-neutral delivery of letters, parcels, advertising mail and magazines throughout Austria has been guaranteed and regularly audited by TÜV AUSTRIA.

With 1,600 vehicles, Austrian Post has the largest e-vehicle fleet in the country. The green electricity for the vehicles is generated by the company's own photovoltaic systems.

COVID-19-Prevention I: Good feeling of safety by TÜV AUSTRIA

TÜV AUSTRIA Turk certified the IT solution for people counting and analysis FOLLOWINO in/out from the Turkish ARD GRUP BİLİŞİM A.Ş. based in Ankara. The company develops solutions in the IT, healthcare, defense, energy and construction sectors.

The application possibilities for the new software are almost unlimited. And in times of the corona pandemic, an important contribution to security. In public transport, trade, commercial and industrial companies, cultural, leisure and sports facilities, tourism businesses, health care institutions, the education sector, museums and mosques.

FOLLOWINO was certified by TÜV AUSTRIA in a multi-stage process. Personal rights, data protection and anonymity remain equally guaranteed in this innovative application. And is to help to make all ranges of the vocational, social and private life for inhabitants and visitors of Turkey substantially safer.

Important assistance gives TÜV AUSTRIA Turk also with the adherence to and improvement of health and hygiene standards within the tourism range. TÜV AUSTRIA Turk is in the most important Turkish tourism region Muğla, particularly on the peninsula Bodrum, part of the program Safe Tourism. Regular examinations of hygiene measures, in addition, the company of enterprises with the production and adherence to hygiene concepts are to contribute to the fact that guests in Turkey feel well despite Corona and also the woman employees and coworkers of the thousands tourism enterprises have a good feeling of security.

More than 300 enterprises submitted themselves so far to the strict TÜV AUSTRIA checks.


COVID-19-Prevention II: TÜV AUSTRIA VSAFE certification brings security to companies

TÜV AUSTRIA Iberia certifies hygiene measures in Spain and Portugal's economy. In addition to tourist facilities, TÜV AUSTRIA Iberia also inspects trade, commercial and industrial companies for compliance with health protection measures for guests, consumers and employees. The hygiene experts of TÜV AUSTRIA Iberia provide support in the elaboration of concrete hygiene measures and the development of corresponding plans that are activated in health crisis situations.

A certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA not only creates safety and trust, it also brings competitive advantages for the certified companies. Recurring and also unannounced inspections should document the strict compliance with the corresponding hygiene and health standards in a verifiable way.

In Spain and Portugal, TÜV AUSTRIA has been a strong partner of industry, institutions, authorities and organizations in the field of technical safety, quality and innovation for many years. The support in maintaining and improving health and hygiene standards is intended to contribute to customers and guests on the Iberian Peninsula feeling comfortable despite Corona and also to give the employees in the companies a good feeling of safety.

TÜV AUSTRIA Iberia has already achieved more than 250 facilities for VSAFE safety certification in Spain, Portugal and Turkey.


Kaspersky receives ISO 27001 certification from TÜV AUSTRIA

The world leader in cyber security has received ISO 27001 certification from TÜV AUSTRIA Standard & Compliance in Moscow. The international standard describes best practices for information security management systems. The certification issued by TÜV AUSTRIA confirms that the company's information security systems, including the Kaspersky Security Network, are in line with industry best practices.

TÜV AUSTRIA-certified Athens metro line

The metro line 3 in the Greek capital is currently being extended. The rails in the construction phase of the stations Aghia Marina to Piraeus bear the "stamp" of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas. The company, as an independent external inspection body, has carried out the ultrasonic inspection of the aluminothermic welds.

After completion in 2021, the extension will serve more than 130,000 passengers daily and connect the port of Piraeus, Europe's largest passenger port, with Athens International Airport in just one hour's drive.

TÜV AUSTRIA certifies sustainable city

A control room that displays the availability of parking spaces, the route of garbage trucks and breaks down the city's budget, streetlights that respond to motion sensors and thus reduce power consumption, robotics laboratories in secondary schools, an online complaints system for active participation by residents. Trikala in northern Greece has become what is known as a smart city. Now Trikala is going one step further and implementing the model of the sustainable city. TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is supporting one of the country's most beautiful cities in the certification process according to the international standard ISO 37101.

Sustainable urban development encompasses all planning and action levels of urban development - from small-scale urban renewal to inter-municipal cooperation between cities and municipalities in a region. Socially, economically, ecologically as well as culturally and institutionally designed in such a way that a fair consensus between the interests of today's and tomorrow's city dwellers is achieved from the responsible use of available resources.

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is Greece's leading company in the field of safety testing and certification. It also provides services in the fields of quality and environmental management, food safety, health, occupational safety and training. TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas operates throughout Greece from Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Mytilene. It also has subsidiaries in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).

TÜV AUSTRIA certifies service quality and efficiency of Turkish Petroleum Corporation

TÜV AUSTRIA Turk accompanied Turkish Petroleum Corporation in the certification of modern management systems for an effective organization and a lived information security. As a leading company in the petroleum and energy sector, the modern management system is intended to make a significant contribution to raising service quality to international standards.

Safety engineering support by TÜV AUSTRIA for the world's largest natural gas combined cycle power plant

The world's largest natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Mary, in south-eastern Turkmenistan, built by the Turkish power plant constructor Çalık Enerji supplies a capacity of 1,574 MW. The Mary-3 combined cycle power plant plays a decisive role in the security of Turkmenistan's energy supply, but also offers significant capacity for energy export to neighboring countries. TÜV AUSTRIA Turk provided safety engineering support for the project.

Today, TÜV AUSTRIA Turk, with its subsidiaries TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite and TÜV AUSTRIA Personal Belgelendirme, is considered the country's largest safety engineering industrial service provider. With more than 300 employees and over 150 services offered, TÜV AUSTRIA scores not only in Turkey, but also secures market access to Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and the Gulf region from its locations in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa.


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