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Complete safety for “Made in China”

  •   06/21/2017
  •   Created by Ivan Huang & Andreas Wanda

TÜV AUSTRIA establishes joint venture with Jinhua Prefecture

Industrial safety is a pivotal factor in China’s economic change. This is why TÜV AUSTRIA and the Jinhua Supervising and Testing Institute of Quality and Technology (JSTIQT) have established TÜV AUSTRIA-Jinhua Co., Ltd. as a joint venture.
China’s industry is clearly booming, its importance for the global economy is undisputed. The basis for this is the export of high-quality goods and an increase in domestic consumption. It is therefore a matter of great consequence to those in charge that the products comply with the various national and international safety and quality standards.

Jinhua is one of several Chinese cities that greatly contribute to the country’s export business. The city is home to industrial enterprises producing and/or supplying electrical appliances, automotive and special equipment. Manufacturers and retailers are subject to strict requirements in terms of safety and security checks, certifications and quality inspections, such as the CE and GS marking of products, for example. In this context, the joint venture can provide the combined expertise of both partners for inspection and certification services.

JSTIQT is the first national center for quality inspection that has been approved in Jinhua. Inspections, checks and tests, scientific research, training and the promotion of outstanding talent are carried out there. Companies and educational institutions will benefit from more intensive collaboration between industry and scientific research.

Ivan Huang, General Manager of TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai considers TÜV AUSTRIA to be a motor in a dynamic market: “Whether boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines or any special machinery, the joint venture enables us to reinforce the impact of our corporate competency in China. This means that the companies located in the Jinhua Prefecture will have more services and expertise with regard to safety and certification at their disposal,” Huang is convinced.

Tests and inspections in a different order of magnitude

JSTIQT is a government agency that carries out tests, checks, calibrations and inspections concerning product quality in Jinhua. The institute performs geometric, thermal-technological, mechanical, optical, electrical and chemical tests in its laboratories, which boast more than 850 test stations and a staff of over 100 highly qualified technical experts as part of its audit, inspection, and certification portfolio.


<iframe width="350" height="420" src="https://www.tuv.at/fileadmin/_processed_/csm_20170621-praefektur-jinhua_919b647157.jpg" style="border:none"></iframe>
The Jinhua Prefecture
The city and prefecture in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang has nine districts and a total of 5.36 million inhabitants
Commissioned by/Source: TÜV AUSTRIA
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[Translate to English:] „Made in China“ ganz sicher

[Translate to English:] TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas und der Stellvertretende Bürgermeister Fu Lichang unterzeichnen die Joint-Venture Vereinbarung zwischen TÜV AUSTRIA und der Jinhua-Präfektur (v.l.n.r. Ivan Huang, GF TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai, Reinhard Preiss, TÜV AUSTRIA Industry & Energy, Rob Bekkers, TÜV AUSTRIA International Development) | TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas and Deputy Mayor Fu Lichang sign the joint venture agreement between TÜV AUSTRIA and the Jinhua Prefecture (f.l.t.r. Ivan Huang, General Manager TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai, Reinhard Preiss, TÜV AUSTRIA Industry & Energy, Rob Bekkers, TÜV AUSTRIA International Development) Foto | Photo: TÜV AUSTRIA, Andreas Amsüss

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