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Setting new standards in NDT - Most advanced radiation room in Austria

  •   03/22/2017
  •   Industry & Energy
  •   Created by TUEV AUSTRIA

TPA KKS, Austrian market leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) and a TÜV AUSTRIA subsidiary, has been operating the largest and most technologically advanced radiation room in the country since November 2016 at the headquarters of the Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau Group of Companies in Steinhaus near Wels, Upper Austria.

Components exposed to a high level of radiation are also subject to a high level of risk. Manufacturers and operators of industrial components are therefore only on the safe side if they employ NDT in addition to regular inspections. In Steinhaus, a unique, fully-shielded workroom provides TPA KKS with ideal conditions for performing all types of industrial radiographic inspections.

Components up to twelve meters long and five meters wide can be tested in the “bunker”, which has a floor area of 120 square meters. A ceiling height of 15 meters enables easy entry of large trucks carrying pressure vessels or other large components. STRABAG construction company (inspection of steel structures), Vienna’s public transport operator Wiener Linien (electrified third rails in the underground system), energy suppliers (welds in district heating and power station lines, boilers) as well as tank and plant engineering companies (pressure vessels) rely on the expertise of TPA KKS.

The inspection teams of TPA KKS are certified for all current test and special test methods in accordance with EN ISO 9712, Levels 1 through 3. They perform radiographic inspections using X-ray tubes (up to 300 kV) or radionuclides iridium-192 and selenium-75, as well as ultrasonic tests and surface crack tests of welds, forgings, rolled products and die-cast parts. In addition, modern laboratory vehicles and special test methods such as mobile computed radiography enable on-site inspections. This means that the findings of radiographic inspections can be evaluated without delay. Ultrasonic phased array and/or ToFD and rapid scans for electrified third rail measurements, corrosion measurements of large areas on storage tanks, large-diameter piping, flat products, etc. are also available.

Hans-Peter Weinzettl, CEO of TPA KKS: “The TÜV AUSTRIA Group’s materials testing division has established itself as a reliable partner for industry thanks to the radiation room in Steinhaus, our mobile laboratories, state-of-the-art test equipment and the latest testing methods.” TÜV AUSTRIA invests a lot in the further education and training of its employees who not only perform tests and inspections but also carry out evaluations.

Large components can be inspected in the “bunker”

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