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TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium will launch their NDT activities

  •   06/05/2019
  •   Created by Sonja Ternier, General Manager TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium

We are proud to inform you that we will soon start our NDT activities in Belgium.

In the past few months, our plans in this regard have been put into practice and the necessary (long-term) investments in cooperation with our head office have become a reality. These investments do not only include equipment, but also operators, bringing ample experience that will provide added value for your company. In addition to our Belgian operation, TÜV Austria has a worldwide network of specialists who would like to share their know-how.

Initially, our team will focus on the conventional NDT techniques RT, PT, MT, UT, PMI but also ToFD and Phased Array. Referencing the new ISO and ASME standards, Phased Array research can already be carried out starting from a 3.2mm wall thickness. This technique 100% replaces radiography and therefore has many advantages.

In case of needed measurements for corrosion damage, we can not only present the results in cooperation with our strategic partner, but also define a cause and solution. Within a few months we want to extend our services to tank inspections, eddy current and advanced surface techniques.

We believe that the combination of our expertise, correct administration and our transparent pricing model can be an added value for many companies.

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