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TÜV AUSTRIA Romania – accredited organic certification body

  •   07/10/2017
  •   Created by TUEV AUSTRIA

In line with the basic ethical principles of organic agriculture, TÜV AUSTRIA Romania sees to the application of environmental certification standards and ensures compliance of the certified products with the specified quality requirements.

TÜV AUSTRIA Romania, a control body for organic agriculture registered with the Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR) and the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Development, provides environmental certification services (according to Regulation (EC) No. 1235/2008)  in the areas of:

A: Unprocessed plant products

B: Live animals or unprocessed animal products

D: Processed agricultural products for use as food

E: Processed agricultural products for use as feed

The processes and procedures for making organic products are governed by strict production regulations, ranging from the quality of the farmland to the organic product.

It is imperative to control organic products throughout the entire food production chain because organic inspection and certification guarantee consumers that the organic food they buy is really environmentally friendly.

Certified organic products are produced, stored, processed, handled and marketed according to precise specifications (standards and European Directives) and certified “organic” by an accredited certification body.

In our new integrated services laboratory, our highly qualified staff perform both physico-chemical and environmental analyses of agricultural food products to determine possible pesticide residues and traces of nitrofen.

Once compliance with environmental standards and the relevant legislation has been verified by TÜV AUSTIRA Romania, the inspected organization receives a certificate of compliance and is entitled to use the TÜV AUSTRIA Romania certification mark, which is recognized both nationally and internationally.

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