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Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance: we keep track of the current legal situation

Rules and regulations on a national, European and international level are constantly being adapted to the changing circumstances. The TÜV AUSTRIA legal compliance experts monitor these adaptations very closely and help you implement those amended regulations that are relevant for your organization.

Our portfolio includes the following services (excerpt):

Legal Compliance

A first and recurring verification of compliance with the administrative notices (degrees) and the respective construction and engineering law regulations is mandatory. This kind of “comprehensive check” gives the management and the responsible officers the chance to identify any potential for technical and legal improvements and thus attain personal legal safety. As accredited body for a number of these verification obligations, the experts at TÜV AUSTRIA perform their work as trained technicians with a profound knowledge of the law. The high standing of TÜV AUSTRIA documents as well as thousands of satisfied customers and the unrestricted acceptance by authorities and courts just go to show that we are one of the market leader in this field.

Submissions for official procedures

Companies must be able to respond quickly to altered market needs. Rapid increases in production, alterations and additions or modifications to the machinery are often needed if they want to remain competitive. We offer you the support of our experienced experts so as to guarantee a fast and smooth course of the necessary approval procedures.

Guidance in approval procedure

We can offer the following services for approval procedures:

  • Determination of the approvals that are necessary for a project
  • Clarification of the actual approval situation for the company through an inspection of the official approvals and records 
  • Contact with and visits to the authorities in advance, as well as accompaniment to the pertinent authorities throughout the approval procedure
  • Help in compiling the necessary application documents, such as general operating descriptions
  • Preparation of any lists of machinery and other enclosures as well as advice during the preparation of the necessary plans and documents
  • Drafting of any assessments required by the authorities for an approval by experts from the TÜV AUSTRIA group, such as noise predictions and assessments, various immission measurements, documentary evidence of machine safety and CE labeling

Change in the approval condition

Adjustments in production, alterations and additions or modifications to the machinery can lead to requirements in approvals being revised/adapted or even completely canceled. We offer you the support of our experienced experts from TÜV AUSTRIA for these revisions or cancellation of requirements in approvals.

Approval management, inspection of records & archives of authorities

Apart from legal requirements, approvals also govern the rights and duties of your company. The presence and knowledge of their content is thus of fundamental importance for every company and every organization. We help you with their procurement, structured appraisal, right through to the filing and archiving of the approvals and application documents.

Legal register/environmental law register 

In the course of joint inspections, we identify the statutory obligations from a defined field of law for your company or organization. Our expertise lies in the following areas of construction and engineering law:

  • Environmental law
  • Trade law
  • Water rights
  • Employee protection
  • Railway law
  • Energy law
  • Gas industry law
  • Pipeline law

As a result, you will receive a summary of the corresponding laws and regulations. This leads to a greater degree of legal security in your company. The lawful operation of your plant and equipment is also of great importance for your employees and customers.

Legal information system

You receive comprehensive and prompt information about the development of legal conditions. We will instruct you about which statutory changes have been made and which adjustments these necessitate on your part.

Management of verification obligations - TÜV AUSTRIA Inspection Manager

We keep any eye on the current verification obligations for you so as to guarantee you legal security at all times. Compliance with deadlines as well as tracking the proper provision of services are the two key elements to ensure your operator’s responsibility. Further information about TUV AUSTRIA Inspection Manager (tami)

Additional Services

TÜV AUSTRIA assists in the following areas as well:

  • Business takeover, operational handover & purchase check: During the takeover or operational handover of a business, care has to be taken to ensure that the rights and obligations from the existing approvals are known to both parties.
  • Due diligence check: Following the purchase or takeover of plants, facilities, equipment, buildings etc., care must be taken to ensure that the rights and obligations contained in the construction and engineering law approvals are observed by the vendor.
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