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SQAS is an instrument developed by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) that allows a standardized assessment of the quality, occupational health and safety, security and environmental management systems of logistics service providers. An independent institution hereby asks a standardized catalog of questions so that multiple assessments by individual chemicals companies can be avoided.

The Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) helps chemical companies choose their logistics service providers and identify improvement measures together with these. It also provides the logistics service providers with direct and useful feedback on their strengths and weaknesses that have been identified during the assessment. In addition, customer-specific feedback is possible following an analysis of the assessment results by the chemicals company. This creates and accordingly strengthens the basis for a genuine partnership that benefits both parties.

Your advantages

  • Assessments pursuant to SQAS are carried out by authorized, independent third parties and on the basis of a standardized questionnaire that covers various areas.
  • As a CEFIC-accredited assessor, TÜV AUSTRIA is at your service for a variety of different SQAS assessment procedures.
  • The assessment comprises the aspects quality, safety, health, environmental compatibility and social responsibility, thus allowing an assessment of the company.
  • An SQAS assessment by TÜV AUSTRIA provides proof that you satisfy customers’ requirements, and thus the trust demanded by the market in your services and organization.
  • All of the comprehensive SQAS reports can be called up in the central SQAS database.

Target group

SQAS assessments are intended for every logistics service provider and distributor – either in their own interests or triggered by customer requirements.


The company’s business must correlate with the corresponding SQAS module.

Further information & certification procedure

The current SQAS /ESAD questionnaires and guidelines will be used for the current assessment. Further information on the current questionnaires.

In a first step, the Pre-Assessment-Document (PAD) is downloaded from the SQAS website by the logistics service provider and completed with all of the necessary information. The completed form is then sent to the accredited assessor (TÜV AUSTRIA) to apply for the SQAS assessment. The assessment period is calculated on the basis of the submitted documents (PAD) and the accredited assessor enters a planned assessment in the systems no later than one week before the start of the assessment as a pre-notification. This pre-notification contains the name of the contact person as well as the contact data for the company under assessment. CEFIC will verify the pre-notification for conformity with the SQAS process if necessary. Consequently, the system sends an email to the service provider that confirms the agreement electronically, thus confirming the inclusion of the assessment report in the SQAS database. Then the assessment is carried out.

Validity & certificate
An SQAS assessment is valid for three years. No certificate is issued for an SQAS assessment. The assessed company can download a conformation of the assessment from the SQAS database after this has been carried out. The certification logo can also be downloaded from the SQAS database after the assessment has been performed. The results of the assessment can be called up via a central database and offer customers and logistics partners a reliable and objective source of information.

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