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Digital Services

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Digital Services


TÜV AUSTRIA Digital Services

IT/OT Security to System Solutions. Everything from a single source.

Due to the comprehensive understanding of the problems and challenges of our customers, TÜV AUSTRIA is able to define appropriate solution packages that go beyond the one-way tests. Our range of solutions offered by TÜV TRUST IT extends from customized testing, certification and consulting services oriented to the relevant standards to practice-oriented training and personal certification. In addition, our system house SPP complements the portfolio with individual software solutions in the field of e-business.


Digital assistance systems

create many new potentials

Digital assistance systems in the field of Industry 4.0 refer to a wide range of innovative applications in which digital technologies play a major role. TÜV AUSTRIA offers manufacturers, integrators and operators comprehensive security solutions from the initial concept to recurring inspections.

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Artificial intelligence put to the test

TRUSTED AI by TÜV AUSTRIA is the world's first Machine Learning (ML) certification scheme. The certificate TRUSTED AI by TÜV AUSTRIA confirms robustness, safety and suitability of a certified AI application for defined purposes and fields of application.

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Information Security

Security and value of information

With a precisely coordinated portfolio of methodically underpinned and standards-based services, TÜV TRUST IT supports you in the identification of information values, the definition of an economically appropriate security level, the conception and implementation of suitable processes through to the documentation of the achieved status by means of a certificate.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001, the only international standard for information security, helps to specifically identify and minimize these risks through a systematic and structured approach.

Industrial security concepts

With the increasing connectivity of production facilities (IIoT), new threats arise that need to be incorporated into traditional risk management processes. As a plant operator, machine or control manufacturer, you should also be aware of these risks.

IEC 62443

TÜV AUSTRIA guides companies on their way to certification according to IEC 62443 with comprehensive analyses & consulting services as well as implementation support.

IT Security

More and more often, the information security of companies is compromised by cyber attacks. In the worst case, there is a threat of irreparable loss of reputation. We therefore create suitable cyber security strategies for our customers and support their implementation.

Technical security analysis / penetration test

With the help of regular penetration tests, you can protect your IT from unauthorized attacks. Our experts identify the weak points of your IT and point out optimization potentials.


TÜV AUSTRIA Cyber Security Lab

Common Criteria & User Experience and Usability

Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408)

Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) is one of the most comprehensive and complicated standards focusing on product security. Common Criteria certification provides proof of product’s security features and is recognized worldwide.


Ergonomics of human-system interaction

As a key elements of human-system interaction the ergonomics plays a significant role, but it is difficult for the current developers, designers and managers of the products. ISO 9241 serials standard provides us appropriate solutions and recommendations for the difficulty.


System house

IT- & Enterprise Solutions

IT Solutions

Every day, the IT landscape is exposed to a wide variety of threats. The experience of our experts guarantees the efficient implementation of security concepts even for complex IT landscapes.


Enterprise Information Management

Dealing with a multitude of different documents and emails is already part of everyday life. A central platform enables the management of different documents. Workflows support the handling of processes and a comprehensive search function helps to find relevant documents.


Education and training

Your education partner. For safety & quality

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