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ISO 9241 - User Experience and Usability

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ISO 9241 - User Experience and Usability


Introduction of ISO 9241 serials standard

Measurements of a good product

ISO 9241 serials standards focus on ergonomics of human-system interaction, which is the measure of “good product” from the view of users of system, product and service. ISO 9241 serials standards supply a whole explanation, framework of ergonomics of human-system interaction and also an approach and guideline to create and manage ergonomics of human-system interaction.



of ISO 9241 serials standard

The key of ergonomics of human-system interaction following ISO 9241 is human-centered design (HCD), which refers to usability, accessibility, user experience and avoiding from harm of use, these four elements are called human centered quality (HCQ). ISO 9241 serials standards supply clear definitions, criteria and methodology for HCQ. Especially about usability ISO 9241-11 discusses in a unique document, because it is an important quality criteria of system, product and service. Even more ISO 9241-210 and -220 supply a manage module and framework for HCD, which is called human centered process (HCP), to introduce, assess and execute HCD in organization in different situations and for different purposes.

ISO 9241 serials standards improve not only the quality of system, product and service, but also the professional and manage ability of product and referred teams, even the effect and quality of manage in an organization.


in ISO 9241

ISO 9241 requirementscontext dependentcontext independenttasksuser knowledgeother software...use situationfont sizescolor designcorrectness...documentation

Usability engineering process

according to ISO 9241-210

analyse and understandthe context of useanalyseuse requirementsdesign solutionstest design solutionsagainstuse requirementsuseable productstart of thedesign processuseable productstart of thedesign process

analyse and understand the context of use

analyse use requirements

design solutions

test design solutions against use requirements


in regard to User Experiences and Usability

TÜV TRUST IT GmbH and TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab has been supporting its customers for more than 10 years in improving interactive product’s usability.

  • Test and product certification of usability
  • Training of User experiences concept and methods for project stakeholders
  • Auditing and process certification of usability engineering processes
  • Training HCD and usability
    • Certificated HCD manager/engineer training
    • Certificated usability engineer training
  • Improvement of HCD process
    • Research implement inside organization in the field of HCD quality, process and manage
    • Benchmark the results of research with ISO 9241-210 and -220
    • Report and recommendations

Usability conformance test

of TÜV AUSTIRA Cybersecurity Lab

useable productcertificateassesment context of useexpert testuser testing and user surveyreportingcertificationfeedback to customer andcorrecting of useproblems

Assessment steps

for Usability engineering processes of TÜV AUSTIRA Cybersecurity Lab

successful developmentof usable productscertificatepreparation workshopprocess auditaudit reportcertification

Your Benefits

  • Understand the importance of usability when designing a system, product or service.
  • Knowing the components of usability.
  • Achieve the methodology and tools to perform and execute appropriate usability evaluation or testing for a system, product or service.
  • Increasing the productivity of users and the operational efficiency of organizations.
  • Being easier to understand and use, thus reducing training and support cost.
  • Increasing accessibility.
  • Improving user experience.

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