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Autonomous, Automated and Connected Driving: The Factor for Success is Safety

TÜV AUSTRIA: Autonomes, automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren, (C) Fotolia, the lightwriter

Automated and connected driving

Safety is the factor for success when it comes to autonomous, automated and connected driving.

TÜV AUSTRIA solves your outstanding issues regarding safety by joining up its core competencies:

  • IT safety
  • Functional safety
  • Personal data and IT law
  • Vehicle/connected road testing environment

Services for automated and connected land vehicles

Starting from automotive services in the fields of: 

for automated and connected land vehicles, TÜV AUSTRIA provides: 

  • testing, inspection and certification services for vehicles, test tracks and relevant infrastructure in partnership with development departments
  • authorized expert tasks for insurance companies and vehicle fleet companies
  • authorized expert tasks for the public sector, lawmakers and advocacy groups

Core competencies for automated and connected driving

IT safety: automated and connected driving

Integral IT safety solutions make use of the information and computing capacities of vehicles, transportation infrastructure and cloud services to ensure the best possible resistance to cyber-attacks. Key issues are multilayer security architectures and test concepts for the entire product lifecycle.

Functional safety: automated and connected driving

We attend to our customers during the design phase and in product development for hazard and risk analyses, formulating safety targets and drawing up functional and technical safety concepts. Answers to questions in the field of fail-operational systems as well as verification and validation concepts are all important components for automated driving.

Personal data and IT law: automated and connected driving

The General Data Protection Regulation enters into force from May of 2018. For drawing up functional specifications during development processes, already now we are taking into account how personal data is dealt with.

This secure handling of personal data (anonymization and authorization concepts) is the basis for broad acceptance by retail customers.

Automated driving: safety for the entire product development and life cycle

Connectivity of vehicles and infrastructure is necessary for an inherently safe system.

As in all technical spheres, TÜV AUSTRIA provides guidance and support for ongoing development, with analyses of scenarios and situations to approve automated and connected driving functions.

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