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Railroad Industry: Component Testing and Certifications

Railway Systems: Everything from a single source

TÜV AUSTRIA Railway Services.

Whether component testing, electromagnetic compatibility, noise measurement or welding technology of railway vehicles. We accompany you from the planning to the operation of your railway system.

Accredited Testing Laboratory for Railway Systems

As an accredited testing laboratory for railway systems (EN ISO/IEC 17020, 17025, 17065), TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA offers independent testing of infrastructure components, rolling stock components and overhead lines. Our services include bogie testing, damping systems, ties, rail fastening systems, wheel and machine components, overhead lines and the connections and guy wires they require, as well as rails and rail joints.

We carry out complete approval tests for flash-butt and aluminothermic welded rails (EN 14587, EN 14730), for rail fastening systems (EN 13481, EN 13146) and sleepers (EN 13230, EN 16431). We also test all components and systems, such as insulated rail joints and clamping elements, according to customer specifications.

We perform fatigue and strength testing of wheelsets, bogies, frames, etc. according to EN 13749, UIC 515-4, UIC 615-4.

Electrical Engineering

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is accredited for solutions in the field of railway applications: electrical safety, grounding and return circuits, protective measures against electric shock and stray current effects arising from direct current railways.

TÜV AUSTRIA also tests and inspects superstructures on rail vehicles.

TÜV AUSTRIA Electrical Engineering | www.tuv.at/elektrotechnik | anfrage.ine(at)tuv.at


TÜV AUSTRIA Group offers solutions in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as an accredited and notified testing, inspection and certification body (EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC, EN 50121).

We have mobile and open-air facilities as well as sites completely protected from environmental influences, including a state-of-the-art EMC test chamber with dimensions of 13 meters.

TÜV AUSTRIA EMC/EMI/Communications Engineeringk | emv(at)tuv.at | www.tuv.at/emv

Overhead Wire Test

We carry out approval tests and product certifications according to customer specifications with clamping lengths up to 50 meter and heating up to 220°C. In addition, we measure thermal expansion coefficients and transition points, and carry out vibration tests and damage analyses on wires and ropes in accordance with VDI 3822.

Research & Development: Special Tests

Many customers require special tests as part of the R&D process, such as tests under extreme environmental conditions, exceptional load and measurement conditions and long-term fatigue tests. We also perform corrosion tests in our salt spray chamber.

Metallographic Laboratory

In our metallographic laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, we perform light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic examinations (SEM/EDX in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology), microhardness tests and complete chemical analyses.

Testing and Inspection Services, Damage Analyses, Non-Destructive Testing

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA inspects railway components including welded joints for QA/QC and carries out factory acceptance tests.

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA assesses all railway infrastructure components and systems in case of damage.

As part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, we can offer the full range of TÜV AUSTRIA services, including standard and extended non-destructive testing.

Non-destructive materials testing | Destructive materials testing | Metallography

Corrosion testing | Chemical analyses | Service life tests | Tender tests

More about TÜV AUSTRIA materials testing: www.tuv.at/Werkstoff

Testing Laboratory and Workshop for Mechanical Testing

We operate a state-of-the-art test laboratory for mechanical testing, which has extensive testing facilities, such as various servo-hydraulic testing machines and high-frequency pulsators for loads up to 600 kN and test specimens with a cross-section of 2 x 3 meters. We can carry out tensile tests on specimens with a force of up to 2500 kN and an installation length of 15 meters.

Environmental Protection: Noise Propagation

Noise at the workplace or in your operations? TÜV AUSTRIA has many years of experience in acoustic matters and offers a wide range of solutions.

TÜV AUSTRIA Environmental Protection | +43 (0)504 54-8260 | uw(at)tuv.at | www.tuv.at/Umwelt

Water: Evidence Collection for Groundwater and Springs

A partner of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, Moser Wasser is a solution provider for consulting, planning, project development and construction management in the water sector.

Moser Wasser carries out fact-finding, expert opinions, consulting and procedural assistance for drinking water, bathing water, process water and waste water.

Moser Wasser - TÜV AUSTRIA Group | More informationoffice(at)moser-wasser.at


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