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More inside and simply safe. Since 1872.

We bring safety, quality, innovation, environmental protection and business interests to a common denominator. From industrial enterprises, commercial and craft businesses, health care and local authorities to scientific and research institutions.


Facts & Data

From planning to ongoing operation

More than 2000 employees in over 25 countries are working for our customers and partners worldwide. With tailor-made services in the areas of testing, inspection, cybersecurity and data protection, training and further education.

The international orientation of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group and a multitude of national and international authorisations make TÜV AUSTRIA your competent and reliable partner. From project planning to implementation and use.

More inside.

Simply safe. Since 1872.

Competence, diversity, international orientation and tradition form the basis of the service portfolio for integrated safety, quality, environmental and technical resource management. TÜV AUSTRIA creates safety and added value with all its activities. For our customers and partners, for our employees.

Documents produced by TÜV AUSTRIA are recognised throughout the European Economic Area and beyond in many countries of the world. This provides a high degree of legal security and acceptance in the economy, with authorities and in the public.


Overview from the foundation up to the present

1872 - 1945

  • 1872

    Founded in Vienna as Dampfkesseluntersuchungs- und Versicherungsgesellschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit (DUVG) on 11th June 1872

  • 1875

    Monitoring of 3000 steam boilers

  • 1889

    Active throughout the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy with 27 technical inspectorates

  • 1905

    Start of testing activities for lifts, hoists, impact and drop units

  • 1910

    DUVG is the largest testing company in Europe with 1500 technicians

  • 1921

    Resumption of audit activities after the First World War, initially with 21 employees

  • 1938

    After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich: incorporation into the Reichsverband der Technischen Überwachungs-Vereine (RTÜV)

  • 1940

    Transformation of the Dampfkesseluntersuchungs- und Versicherungsgesellschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit (DUVG) into Technischer Überwachungsverein Wien as a public corporation

  • 1945

    TÜV Wien becomes an association under Austrian law and starts inspection activities with 32 employees

1946 - 1999

  • 1955

    Creation of departments "Lifts", "Cranes and Hoists", "Electrical Engineering", "Steam and Pressure Systems" and "Materials Testing

  • 1977

    Construction of environmental laboratory Wels

  • 1982

    Opening of the test centre in Vienna-Inzersdorf

  • 1989

    Foundation of our own training institute, the TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie

  • 1993

    Transformation of "TÜV Wien" into "TÜV Österreich / TÜV AUSTRIA"

  • 1994

    Austria's accession to the EU opens up new opportunities outside Austria. Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas in Athens, foundation of UMSITEC, predecessor TÜV AUSTRIA DEUTSCHLAND GMBH in Munich

  • 1998

    Acquisition of TPA KKS GmbH, Vienna

2000 - 2009

2010 - 2019

2020 -

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