About us – TÜV AUSTRIA

We bring safety, quality, innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurial interests to a common denominator. From industrial enterprises, commercial and handicraft enterprises to the health and communal sectors to scientific and research institutions.

Facts & Data: From planning to ongoing operation

More than 3,000 employees in over 30 countries are working for our customers and partners worldwide. With customised services in the areas of testing, inspection, cyber security, data protection and certification as well as training and further education.

The international orientation of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group and a wide range of national and international authorisations make TÜV AUSTRIA your competent and reliable partner. From project planning to realisation and use.

More inside and simply safe. Since 1872.

Competence, diversity, international orientation and tradition form the basis of the service portfolio for integrated safety, quality, environmental and technical resource management. TÜV AUSTRIA creates safety and added value with all its activities. For our customers and partners, for our employees.

Documents produced by TÜV AUSTRIA are recognised throughout the European Economic Area and beyond in many countries around the world. This brings a high degree of legal certainty and acceptance in the economy, with authorities and in the public.

Solutions from a single source

The requirements of our customers are constantly changing. What remains is the constant need for safety and quality. Our range of services in the field of testing, inspection, verification, assessment, education and training as well as certification continues to develop innovatively and in anticipation of the market. With solutions from a single source for sustainable infrastructure and resource efficiency. The TÜV AUSTRIA Group’s range of services extends from lift technology, pressure equipment, plant safety and materials testing, education and training, medical technology, electrical engineering, environmental protection, Industry 4.0, Production 4. 0, noise protection assessments, carbon footprint evaluations, personal, system and product certification, cyber security, Internet of Things, e-mobility, AppChecks, loss adjusting, real estate management, calibrations, product testing, robotics, technical due diligence and legal compliance checks, as well as water hygiene, COVID-19 prevention and testing of stage, photovoltaic, hydrogen and wind power plants.

Because quality is decisive

In order to be able to guarantee our customers and partners the highest level of safety and quality with our services, we invest not only in appropriate technical equipment, but above all in the development of our employees. Their knowledge and commitment are the basis for our entrepreneurial success. Safety and quality therefore also have the highest priority in the workplace.

Autonomy, integrity and impartiality

In order to continuously fulfil ethical, legal and regulatory requirements, autonomy, integrity, impartiality and the confidential handling of information are at the centre of our actions in the TÜV AUSTRIA Group. This is made possible by an owner-independent organisational structure of the only Austrian TÜV, by a policy statement, by permanent membership in the TIC Council and the associated regular internal and external review of the TIC Council Compliance Code, a sector-specific code of conduct.

We take responsibility for our customers, partners, employees and society. As a substantial contribution to making the world a safer place.

Numbers, data, facts

TÜV AUSTRIA is pleased to have 95 percent highly satisfied customers. Tens of thousands of system and product certifications, hundreds of thousands of tests every year, more than 16,000 course participants, IT security full-service provider, number one in the field of materials technology, research cluster for future technologies, innovation and environment make TÜV AUSTRIA Austria’s leading testing, inspection & certification service provider.

Timeline: Overview from the foundation to the present

1872 – 1948

  • 1872: Founded in Vienna as Dampfkesseluntersuchungs- und Versicherungsgesellschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit (DUVG) (Steam Boiler Inspection and Mutual Insurance Company) on 11 June 1872.
  • 1875: Supervision of 3000 steam boilers
  • 1889: Operates with 27 technical inspectorates in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
  • 1905: Start of testing activities for lifts, hoists, impact and drop gears
  • 1921: Resumption of testing activities after the First World War, initially with 21 employees
  • 1938: After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich: integration into the Reich Federation of Technical Inspection Associations (RTÜV)
  • 1940: Transformation of the Dampfkesseluntersuchungs- und Versicherungsgesellschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit (DUVG) into Technischer Überwachungsverein Wien as a corporation under public law
  • 1948: TÜV Wien is newly founded as an association under Austrian law.

1948 – 1998

  • 1955: Creation of departments “Lifts”, “Cranes and Hoists”, “Electrical Engineering”, “Steam and Pressure Systems” and “Materials Testing
  • 1977: Establishment of environmental laboratory in Wels
  • 1982: Opening of a testing centre in Vienna-Inzersdorf
  • 1989: Foundation of an own educational institute, the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy
  • 1993: Renaming of “TÜV Vienna” to “TÜV Austria
  • 1994: Austria’s accession to the EU opens up new opportunities outside Austria. Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas in Athens, foundation of UMSITEC, predecessor TÜV AUSTRIA DEUTSCHLAND GMBH in Munich
  • 1998: Takeover of TPA KKS GmbH, Vienna

2000 – 2009

2010 – 2019

  • 2010: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai, China
  • 2012: Initiation of the TÜV AUSTRIA Science Award for outstanding technical-scientific master’s theses, diploma theses and dissertations, HTL final theses and technical-innovative company projects
  • 2012: Participation in QTEC-Qualynspect LDA, Portugal
  • 2013: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Bureau of Inspection and Certification in Pakistan
  • 2014: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA India
  • 2014: Participation APICE SRL, Italy
  • 2015: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2016: Participation ICEPI S.P.A., Italy
  • 2016: Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA Campus in Brunn/Gebirge as a modern office building and training centre
  • 2016: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Cyprus
  • 2016: Foundation of AD Qualitas S.A., Spain
  • 2016: Acquisition of Spieth Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz GmbH, Germany
  • 2016: Participation in VCK Betonschutz + Monitoring GmbH, Germany
  • 2017: Opening of the digital acceleration incubator Next Horizon
  • 2017: Participation Ingenieurbüro Moser GmbH, St. Johann/Pg, Austria
  • 2017: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA – JINHUA, China
  • 2017: Majority shareholding in the Technical Testing and Research Institute of the Vienna University of Technology, realignment as TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA Prüf- und Forschungs GmbH
  • 2017: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Azerbaijan
  • 2017: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium
  • 2018: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA PERSONEL Belgelendirme, Turkey
  • 2018: Acquisition of TÜV AUSTRIA Tecnotest GmbH
  • 2018: Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center in Vienna-Inzersdorf as a large testing and research cluster
  • 2018: Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA site in Leonding/Upper Austria as a modern office building, training and education centre
  • 2018: Opening of the Safe-Secure-System-Lab (S3 Lab) in the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center.
  • 2018: Participation METALogic NV, Belgium
  • 2019: Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA Competence Centre for Environment and Cableway Technology in St. Johann/Pongau
  • 2019: Opening of the #SafeSecLab for safety engineering solutions in industry together with the Vienna University of Technology
  • 2019: Participation in SILA Kalite and SILA Industry, Turkey
  • 2019: Acquisition of TÜV AUSTRIA Standards & Compliance, Russia
  • 2019: Takeover of FAWI Fachinspektorat für Aufzugsanlagen, Switzerland

2020 – 2022

  • 2020: Opening of TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab, Malaysia
  • 2020: Acquisition of SPP Handelsges.m.b.H., Vienna
  • 2020: Takeover of Boreas SRL, Italy
  • 2020: Takeover of innotec GmbH, Germany
  • 2020: Takeover of Millner GmbH, Austria
  • 2020: Takeover of EUROCONT Türkiye, Turkey
  • 2020: Takeover of Rothenseer Werkstoffprüfung (RWP), Germany
  • 2020: Acquisition of FHK Technisches Büro GmbH, Austria
  • 2020: Foundation of TPA KKS Deutschland GmbH, Germany
  • 2020: TÜV AUSTRIA has a social media community of around 130,000 followers
  • 2021: TÜV AUSTRIA launches new claim “digital.now: connecting technology – living the future”.
  • 2021: dhpg and TÜV TRUST IT establish joint venture Certified Security Operations Center (CSOC), Germany
  • 2021: Acquisition of CIPHRON, Germany
  • 2021: The TÜV AUSTRIA test hook celebrates its 25th birthday
  • 2021: Acquisition of SINT Technology, Italy
  • 2021: Acquisition of Steinbacher + Steinbacher with two new locations in Salzburg and Carinthia, Austria
  • 2021: Takeover of FHK Ingenieurbüro, Austria
  • 2021: TÜV AUSTRIA celebrates TÜV AUSTRIA #WiPreis I\O – the 10th science award 2012-2021 with a record number of entries
  • 2021: Acquisition of APICE, Italy
  • 2021: Acquisition of QCB, Italy
  • 2022: Acquisition of Applied Statistics / TÜV AUSTRIA Data Intelligence, Austria
  • 2022: Acquisition of Global Inspection Services (GIS), Spain
  • 2022: TÜV AUSTRIA Academy is the best seminar provider in Austria
  • 2022: TÜV AUSTRIA is “Top Employer” and ranks among the top 30 best employers in Austria
  • 2022: TÜV AUSTRIA TPA KKS Germany takes over Schulze Personalservice und Werkstoffprüfung GmbH
  • 2022: FHK Technical Office becomes TÜV AUSTRIA Schreiner Consulting GmbH
  • 2022: TÜV AUSTRIA 150 – TÜV AUSTRIA celebrates its 150th anniversary
  • 2022: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Marine, Turkey
  • 2022: Turkish cybersecurity integrator SyberCode A. Ş. became part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group
  • 2022: Strategic partnership of ACTA and TÜV AUSTRIA
  • 2022: Merger of the Viennese IT system house SPP with TÜV TRUST IT
  • 2022: Acquisition of Setinsp in Portugal
  • 2022: TÜV AUSTRIA Science Award celebrates record number of entries in anniversary year


  • 2023: TÜV AUSTRIA Academy leads the overall ranking of Austria’s best continuing education programmes
  • 2023: TÜV AUSTRIA UK Ltd becomes an approved body
  • 2023: TÜV AUSTRIA and University of Bologna: Strong partnership for Structural Health Monitoring
  • 2023: TÜV AUSTRIA is among the trend TOP 500
  • 2023: Acquisition of CCS Digital Education in Greece
  • 2023: 100 % Quality Training in Italy: TÜV AUSTRIA acquires CFF
  • 2023: TÜV AUSTRIA and the Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) founded TRUSTIFAI: Austria’s first AI testing and qualification hub
  • 2023: IVT Inspections NV has become part of the TÜV AUSTRIA group

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