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OK Recycled

OK Recycled Certification Scheme

The OK Recycled content certification scheme specifies the requirements for calculating the recycled content of products. Based on mass balance control and coordinated traceability of the recycled content in a product or a group of products, the framework for the scheme is set by the requirements of EN 15343:2007 and ISO 14021:2016.

Objectives of OK Recycled

OK Recycled addresses the issues raised by EU Directive 2019/904 on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. (Example: bottles are to be made of at least 25% recycled plastic by 2025 for PET bottles, and 30% by 2030 – for all bottles). The objective of the scheme is to encourage environmentally friendly use of materials and provide credibility for environmental claims made by companies, thus promoting the sustainability vision.

Applicable Companies

Τhe TÜV AUSTRIA OK Recycled Certification Scheme is based on Mass Balance Control and on coordinated traceability of the Recycled material.

The OK Recycled Scheme is applicable for any type of material (e.g. plastic, aluminum, fabrics, paper) and any product which uses Recycled material during the production process (printing paper, colorants, aluminum foils, packaging etc.). Additional material-specific requirements may arise.

More specifically for plastics, OK Recycled Content Certification Scheme is applicable for all types of plastics (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, etc.) through ought the supply chain, before the final product reaches the consumer.

Calculation of Recycled Content

The recycled content of products is a self-declaration supported by sufficient technical documentation (including declarations of suppliers). According to ISO 14021:2016, the recycled content of products is calculated using this formula:


Recycled Content = Mass of Recycled Plastic Material in the Product x 100
                   Total Mass of Plastic in the Product

Benefits of the OK Recycled Certification Scheme

The benefits of OK Recycled rest on the assurance it provides in terms of information regarding recycled content being credible, objective, and easily identifiable. The OK Recycled content certification scheme and its logo assist organizations in:

  • addressing the issues raised by EU Directive 2019/904
  • meeting global regulatory requirements for environmental labeling according to ISO 14021:2016
  • differentiating their products with certification by an independent third party
  • elevating their profile in terms of being environmentally conscious
  • boosting their brand value and giving confidence to clients, consumers and other external stakeholders
  • meeting consumer demand for greater transparency
  • contributing to the vision of creating a sustainable community

Contact OK Recycled

For further information regarding OK Recycled, please email us using at: ok.recycled(at)tuv.at.

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