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Bädersicherheit - Geprüfte Sicherheit für Schwimmbäder

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"Swimming pools offer a high experience value. Spectacular attractions such as water slides, wave machines or current pools are designed to ..."

Swimming pools offer a high experience value. Spectacular attractions such as water slides, wave machines or current pools are intended to provide customers with increased bathing fun. However, the statistics show that wet fun is not always unproblematic. The risk increases with the size and complexity of the bathing facilities.

The experts at TÜV AUSTRIA ensure that bathers in public pools, hotels and wellness facilities can enjoy themselves safely.

Risks and safety in baths

There is a European set of rules on the safety requirements for the planning and construction as well as for the operation of pools. TÜV AUSTRIA has developed a system that supports planners and operators in terms of safety. In the process, a pool is comprehensively tested and brought up to the required safety level.

Drop and fall on slippery surfaces

Swimming pools are potential slides. Falling and falling is certainly one of the greatest risks of accidents in pools. Around one third of all accidents in baths are due to this. Damp or wet tiles represent a danger in a bathing facility that should not be underestimated. A second source of danger is, for example, the grating covering the overflow channel of a swimming pool.

TÜV AUSTRIA is able to increase safety by testing the slip resistance of a wide range of facilities.

Suction of hair and body parts

The risk of accidents in swimming pools is not only concentrated on slippery surfaces. The Baths Hygiene Act prescribes tests for intake points.

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