Solution: Environmental Simulation Testing

Solution: Environmental Simulation Testing


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"Product quality & functionality tested in extreme conditions (low, high temperatures, humidity...) in combination with mechanical and electrical tests."

Environmental Simulation Testing

Since components and products are exposed to a wide variety of environmental conditions, they are tested for quality and functionality at TÜV AUSTRIA in appropriate environmental simulations – for example in snow and ice or high temperatures – in combination with mechanical and electrical tests.

These tests are carried out on air-conditioning and heating equipment and heat pumps, as well as in the railroad sector, electromobility including charging stations, in the construction industry and for surface coatings by means of icing and snowing, pumping systems for oils or kerosene at all temperatures.

Environmental simulation solutions

In our laboratory for environmental simulation, we carry out tests in accordance with international standards, with the range extending from standard tests to tests accompanying development in climate chambers:

  • Environmental simulations / climatic tests in climatic chambers with up to 4m² / 10m³ volume
  • Temperatures from -40°C to +70°C
  • Relative humidity in the positive temperature range from 5% to 95%.
  • Corrosion tests, salt spray test (materials testing & metallography).
  • Quality and service testing of zinc coating and coating (Qualisteelcoat, Qualicoat, Qualanod)
  • IP protection type test – Test equipment for Ingress Protection protection type test (water & dust)
  • IK impact test (impact test to determine protection against mechanical stress)
  • Resistance to impact and shock stress is tested.
  • Shaker testing (structural & component testing): Enables joint simulation of dynamic processes (e.g. mechanical and thermal loads) acting on components and devices.

Connected services

Since a combination of various tests is required to subject the functional parameters to an overall assessment, TÜV AUSTRIA offers environmental testing in combination with complex mechanical (materials testing, structural and component testing, etc.) as well as electrical and electronic (electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), exposure assessment, etc.) testing.


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