Mechanical Engineering

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Martin Staufer

+43 664 60454 6820 +43 664 60454 6820

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Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

Mechanical testing and characterization of engineering-components and materials.

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA conducts investigations on various materials such as metals, mineral or fibre composites, plastics, rubber etc. to determine their mechanical properties and behaviour under different load conditions.

We test under realistic conditions and have appropriate facilities, even for complex structures and large components. Use of state-of-the-art metallographic methods completes our range of services in mechanical testing.

Mechanical Engineering Solutions

  • Load tests up to 10 MN and clamping lengths up to 50 m
  • Fatigue tests with a variety of testing equipment for industrial components and standardized specimens
  • Determination of material properties for FEM simulation (e.g. fracture toughness)
  • Cyclic loading and service load tests (low-cycle/high-cycle fatigue)
  • Crash tests for safety-related components
  • Vibration and oscillation measurements
  • Torsion testing
  • Mechanical-technological materials testing
  • Non-destructive test methods
  • Chemical analyses, metallography, scanning electron microscopy
  • Hot tensile testing
  • Corrosion testing, salt spray tests
  • Damage analyses in accordance with VDI 3822
  • Special applications on request

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