Solution: Procurement inspection for boat purchases

Solution: Procurement inspection for boat purchases


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Procurement inspection for boat purchases

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"When buying a boat, it is important to have a survey carried out by an expert, impartial and reliable organisation."

Procurement inspection for boat purchases

Whether it is a second hand or a newly built boat, it is crucial to have a boat survey done by an expert, impartial and reliable institution for all your purchases. By obtaining an independent report showing the current condition of the vessel, you can verify the accuracy of the information conveyed to you by the owner. During the technical, cosmetic and functional inspection, the survey team may ask questions to obtain assistance if necessary. In this context, the boat owner or an authorised person with knowledge of the boat must accompany the survey to answer any related questions during the inspection if necessary.

Boat Survey Packages

Dry Dock Survey Package

Dry Dock Survey package is a survey carried out by expert surveyors at the boat’s location on the boatyard. In this package, structural controls such as hull, paint, deck, living spaces and underwater hull controls are carried out. In addition to this, electrical – electronic, navigation and mechanical controls are carried out partially.

Hull Inspection Survey Package

In the hull inspection package, structural inspections of the hull, underwater hull, paintwork and deck are carried out by experts where the boat is on the slipway.

Marine Survey Package

The Marine Survey package is a survey carried out by expert surveyors on a boat, berthed in the marina or moored on sea, without moving the boat. In this package, electrical – electronic equipment, deck, surface equipment,indoor – outdoor living areas and partially navigation equipment are inspected. In addition to this, partial structural inspections such as hull and paint checks as well as mechanical checks are carried out.

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Marine Plus Survey Package

In addition to the checks carried out without moving the boat, the Marine Plus Survey Package is the survey process in which the navigational checks of the navigation equipment and the navigational performance and measurements of the boat are carried out while the boat owner or captain is cruising.

Full Survey Package

The Full Survey Package is a survey package in which Marine and Dry Dock Survey Packages are combined. For this package, if the boat is on land, it must be launched into the sea, and if it is in the sea, it is necessary to lift it on the dry dock. All structural and mechanical controls of the boat such as electrical/electronic, navigation and surface equipment, indoor and outdoor living spaces, hull, underwater hull, paint, deck (excluding additional tests/analyses) are carried out by expert surveyors while the boat is on land, at sea and while cruising.

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