Transition from SCC-2011 to SCC-VAZ 2021


SCC-VAZ 2021 has replaced the previous SCC Version 2011. The changes include new deadlines regarding the validity of training certificates and management system certifications.

The Association of Accredited Certification Bodies e.V. (VAZ e.V.) has been the new program owner of the German SCC Rulebook since September 2021.

With the takeover of the German SCC Rulebook, the previous SCC Version 2011 has been replaced by SCC-VAZ 2021. The changes include new deadlines regarding the validity of training certificates and management system certifications.

We can help you plan and convert your safety, health and environmental protection management system.

Information on the transition of SCC/SCP personal certificates for operational employees and managers

One key change is the shorter validity of the SCC personal certificates according to SCC Version 2011, document 016, 017 or 018, which attests the training and examination of operational employees and managers.

According to SCC-VAZ 2021, training certificates are only valid for 5 years instead of 10 years. Training certificates issued before 01.11.2021 will no longer be recognized as of 30.10.2026 – regardless of the validity period noted on the certificate.

TÜV AUSTRIA will issue SCC-Persons Certificates, with immediate effect, with a validity period of 5 years – according to the still currently valid rulebook version SCC-2011.

SCC personal certificates will continue to be issued by the accredited certification body of TÜV Austria CERT GMBH according to the still valid SCC Version 2011. Only their validity will now be adjusted to 5 years.

The scope of accreditation is currently being updated by the accreditation body “Accreditation Austria” in cooperation with the SCC Sector Committee Austria.

All accredited SCC personal certificates will then be issued in accordance with this new SCC-VAZ 2021 version.

Summary of the new regulations:

  • Personal certificates are currently issued according to SCC 2011 with a duration of 5 years.
  • Personal certificates issued from 01.11.2021, according to SCC 2011, duration 10 years, can be transferred to the new duration of 5 years.
  • As soon as the confirmation by the accreditation body has taken place, Personal certificates can be transferred to SCC-VAZ 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding personal certificates issued before 01.11.2021.

Susanne Bieber

Team Leader Personal Certification
Phone: +43 5 0454-6263

Information on the transition to SCC-VAZ 2021 for Management Systems

All management systems certified according to SCC*, SCC**, SCCP and SCP Vers. 2011 must also be converted to SCC-VAZ 2021 by 30.04.2023. Existing system certificates according to SCC version 2011 that have not been converted by this date will lose their validity on 01.05.2023.

The transition of an SCC/SCP certification can be carried out within the scope of a regular audit (surveillance audit or repeat audit) or in a separate conversion audit. The time required by the VAZ is up to 4 hours.

Within the scope of the audit, it is checked if certified companies have adapted their own processes and documents to the changed requirements of the SCC-VAZ 2021. This mainly concerns the changed validity of the training certificates according to Doc. 016, 017 and 018 and the documents and planning for training courses which have to be adapted.

After updating the scope of accreditation by the accreditation body “Accreditation Austria”, the new certificates can be issued immediately according to SCC-VAZ 2021.

Contact us to plan your change of Management System Certification to SCC-VAZ 2021.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Karacsonyi

Head of Certification Body & Management Systems
Phone: +43 5 0454-6087

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