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Today, March 1st 2023, TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA S.p.A. was born.

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A few weeks ago, we launched a “unification” procedure for the companies operating as third-party bodies in Italy, in this case TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA – BLU SOLUTIONS S.r.l. and ICEPI S.p.A.

Formally this process is taking place through a merger.
The first step in this direction was precisely the renaming of the company ICEPI S.p.A. in TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA S.p.A. which took place today, March 1st 2023.
The “newborn” TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA S.p.A. will therefore be the aggregator of all inspection, certification, testing and training services of TÜV AUSTRIA in Italy.

This operation is clearly aimed at building a strong and cohesive body, able to offer a wider and more structured portfolio of services with a business approach oriented towards success and sustainable growth.
The experience and professionalism gained over the years by the respective companies will be the starting point for this important integration process but also the basis for further innovation of internal processes and of the services themselves.

Everything will pass, as it always has, through the enhancement of the people belonging to the two companies who will remain a reference point for the services you request.
The ambitious business plan of TÜV AUSTRIA provides for huge investments in terms of human resources, materials, know-how and infrastructures in Italy and certainly TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA S.p.A. will be the protagonist of this new challenge.

We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and internal and external collaborators for the precious collaboration and trust shown so far and we sincerely count on continuing to be protagonists together in the development and success of our business.

Crescenzo Di Fratta

Shenzhen Wonsor Technology Co., Ltd. wurde von TÜV AUSTRIA nach IEC 60947-5-1 und ISO 14119 erfolgreich zertifiziert.

Shenzhen Wonsor Technology: Product safety, quality, sustainability

Shenzhen Wonsor Technology
IEC 60947-5-1 & ISO 14119 certified

Shenzhen Wonsor Technology Co, Ltd. focuses on highquality smart sensor products and solutions. The company faces the challenges of standardization and has been successfully certified by TÜV AUSTRIA according to IEC 60947-5-1 and ISO 14119. At the same time, Wonsor signed a cooperation agreementwith TÜV AUSTRIA to further strengthen cooperation in the development of safety technologies and sustainable development.

TÜV AUSTRIA opening business location in Riyadh

New opening in Saudi Arabia

New regional headquarters:
Official opening in Riyadh

In mid-May, the official opening of TÜV AUSTRIA’s regional headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took place in Riyadh.

Residual Stress Analyzer

MTS3000-Restan by SINT Technology:
Automatic system to perform the ASTM E837-20 procedure by hole-drilling

SINT Technology, a member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, produces the MTS3000-Restan. An automatic system to perform the ASTM E837-20 procedure by hole-drilling.

Erdgasspeicher, Druckgeräte
TÜV AUSTRIA SHANGHAI granted Wuxi Shouchuang Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. with the OK Recycled Certification
NATURKRAFT Managing Director Robert Luttenberger (left), Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler and NATURKRAFT Managing Director Leopold Wanzenböck (right) at the award ceremony for the Austrian Ecolabel. Photo credit: BMK/Viktoria Miess
Shenzhen Wonsor Technology Co., Ltd. wurde von TÜV AUSTRIA nach IEC 60947-5-1 und ISO 14119 erfolgreich zertifiziert.
TÜV AUSTRIA opening business location in Riyadh

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