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Stage Equipment

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"TÜV AUSTRIA ensures that technical stage equipment meets the theatre-specific as well as the safety-technical requirements, as every accident"

TÜV AUSTRIA ensures that technical stage equipment meets the theatre-specific as well as the safety-technical requirements, as every accident means a damage to the image of a theatre or studio. Nowadays most musicals are actually “technicals”, as special stage effects play a leading role. TÜV AUSTRIA is not only responsible for smooth musical performances. Experienced theatre managers normally turn to TÜV AUSTRIA’s experts as early as during preparation of new stage plays.

This avoids time-intensive and costly changes arising from the results of acceptance tests prior to operation. Manufacturers employ TÜV AUSTRIA in the course of the compulsory acceptance tests as well as for safety-technical concepts of new developments.

Our scope of services

Acceptance tests, type examinations and inspections for

  • new and modernized machinery in theatres and studios
  • complex computer controls of machinery
  • scenic devices for plays, musical and operas
  • flying installations, flying girdles, personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • training of specialized staff (operators of safety curtains, etc.)
  • smoke ventilations and fire escapes
  • filings at the building control office
  • regular inspections
  • consulting and safety-technical coaching
  • CE type examinations, conformity assessment and risk analyses
  • and additionally: workplace evaluations, technical safety engineers, tests in connection with building technolog

The main advantages for our customers are:

  • all tests are carried out by one pool of experts with profound industrial experience
  • extensive participation in working groups regarding the standards for stage equipment in Germany and Austria
  • accredited testing, inspection and certification body, “notified body 0408”
  • flexible testing schedules with respect to theatre-specific operation
  • high acceptance of TÜV Austria’s test among authorities
  • impartial and independent assessment

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