Solution: Cyber Security Competence Center (CSCC)

Solution: Cyber Security Competence Center (CSCC)


Region: Deutschland

Waltherstraße 49-51 51069 Köln Deutschland

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Cyber Security Competence Center (CSCC)

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Almost daily, reports circulate about previously unknown security gaps in hardware and software components, zero day vulnerabilities in operating systems, targeted phishing attacks or acute ransomware threats. As a result, it is becoming an ever greater challenge, especially for small and medium-sized companies, to stay up-to-date in terms of security. Large companies set up dedicated IT security departments for this purpose, but this is not possible for every organisation.Taking action without knowing the specific risks is never useful. Neither can any information security officer spend most of his time researching, otherwise day-to-day business will suffer. So why not benefit from expert knowledge?

With our weekly management report and telephone conference – the Cyber ​​Security Competence Center (CSCC) – we offer you exactly that. Our security experts, who spend their time with penetration tests, forensic analysis and the constant assessment of the development of the cyber security situation, keep you informed on the current situation.

The CSCC is a plenum for the exchange of knowledge and experience, but also offers practical help. In addition to the weekly summary of the most relevant events, the participants can exchange current case examples with each other, get advice, but also make specific use of technical services provided by TÜV TRUST IT.

Constituents of the CSCC

  • Weekly conference call, which provides information on the most important security gaps and current trends in IT security and allows participants to exchange information. Weekly protocols of the conference call and a monthly management report that contains all the essential news. Both are provided in two languages ​​(English / German).
  • Ad-hoc reports when critical vulnerabilities are published
  • Help in an emergency: Members of the CSCC are given preferential time in the event of security-related incidents and in using the TÜV TRUST IT Incident Management, commissioned separately.

Your benefits

  • We prepare current IT security topics for you and keep you up-to-date.
  • You learn about existing vulnerabilities and attacks at an early stage.
  • In exchange with colleagues, you can contribute and discuss your own topics.
  • You can describe problems or incidents and get advice quickly and easily from our experts.
  • Being informed about the most relevant security vulnerabilities by our experts, allows you to focus more on your own daily business demands.

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