Solution: Vehicle modification approval motorhome

Solution: Vehicle modification approval motorhome

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Vehicle modification approval motorhome – Legal framework conditions in road traffic for vehicle modification approval

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"TÜV AUSTRIA ist erster Ansprechpartner und Prüfstelle für die Fahrzeugtypisierung in Österreich lt. § 33 Abs. 6 KFG 1967."

In order to turn a panel van into a camper van, it is necessary that certain basic requirements (minimum standards) be met. According to §2 KFG 1967 point 28a, the following equipment is mandatory:


  • Seating accommodation (can also be used as sleeping accommodation at the same time)
  • Sleeping accommodation (can also be used as a seat at the same time).
  • Cooking facilities (if a gas hotplate is used, a gas-tight housing with an opening to the outside at the bottom must be installed for the gas bottle). It is sufficient if an electric hotplate is installed which is connected to an electric cable at the campsite.
  • Equipment for storing luggage and other items
  • Table

These items of equipment shall be permanently installed in the living area, with the exception of the table, which may be easily removable. The installation of the equipment must be carried out properly and professionally.

Laminated plywood panels have proven to be the material of choice – an ideal base material, easy to work with, easy to screw together, splinter-proof and fire-resistant.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the weight of the vehicle unloaded  is not too high, so that there is no risk of exceeding the maximum permissible total weight when transporting additional passengers.

In the case of a class change from N1 (truck) to M1 (motorhome), the NoVA (standard consumption tax) must normally be paid. You should inform yourself about this in advance at the tax office.
Of course, it is also permissible to install additional camping windows (with E-mark) in the living area.

Any existing partition wall must also be reduced to such an extent that a passage between the driver’s and living areas is possible.

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