Solution: Virtual Testing

Solution: Virtual Testing

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Virtual Testing

"Virtuelle Prüfung des TÜV AUSTRIA zur computergestützten Berechnung von Bauteilen und ganzen Baugruppen."

The virtual testing of TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive GmbH

Virtual testing – or also called numerical simulation – is used for the computer-aided calculation of components and entire assemblies. Instead of a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous experimental testing, a computer model is created. The forces and bearings are applied on the computer and after a short calculation time the result is available as a coloured representation. In this way, problems can be identified and changes made to the component even before production.

The computer-aided calculation is versatile and can map static and dynamic processes; plastic deformations and component failures due to material fatigue can also be detected at an early stage.


The advantages of a virtual testing

  • Shortening development times
  • Avoidance of time-consuming and dangerous tests
  • Rapid test results
  • Compare variants


Our simulation services


  • Comparison of geometries with CAD data
  • Preparation of 3D models based on 3D scans
  • Highly accurate object measurements


CAD – Computer Aided Design

  • Analysis of 3D models
  • Creation of 3D geometries based on design sketches


Finite Element Methods

  • Static analysis for the representation of deformations and mechanical stresses
  • Calculation of plastic component behaviour and large deformations
  • Analysis of notch structures
  • Calculation of the fatigue strength of components (fatigue fracture or forced fracture)
  • Dynamic simulation of high-speed processes (crash tests, drop tests)
  • Vibration analysis – calculation of the natural frequencies of components


Accredited procedures

Many test procedures must be carried out in the accredited area. We are constantly expanding our digital testing expertise so that we can offer state-of-the-art tests as computer simulations. Our procedures are recognised by several authorities and enable you to process orders quickly.


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