Solution: Wire, Overhead Conductor, Contact Wire Testing

Dipl.Ing. (FH) Harald Langheinrich

+43 664 60454 6808

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Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA Prüf- und Forschungs GmbH

Region: Österreich

+43 1 6650 600

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Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17 1230 Wien Österreich

We make cables safer. With our test methods and our expertise, we ensure the quality of over-head line conductors and wire ropes in general to guarantee safety for high-voltage power lines as well as for crane systems, lift installations and cableway systems.

Overhead line conductors, light-wave cables (OPGW, OPPC)

  • Tensile tests in accordance with EN 50182, including determination of the elastic modulus
  • Product certifications according to customer specifications
  • Clamping lengths up to 50 m, heating up to 220 °C
  • Creep tests in accordance with EN 61395
  • Measuring of thermal expansion coefficients and transition points of high-temperature overhead line conductors according to user guidelines
  • Single-wire tests in accordance with EN 50182
  • Vibration test according to user guidelines
  • Temperature-change tests in accordance with EN 61284

Steel cables

  • Tensile tests up to 10 MN, clamping lengths up to 50 m
  • Determination of the elastic modulus
  • Single-wire tests (tensile testing, bending testing, torsion testing, wind testing)
  • Wire ropes & cableway cables in accordance with DSB 80, ÖNORM M 9500
  • Magnetic rope testing MRT

Contact wire testing capabilities

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA performs approval tests and product certifications according to customer specifications.

This includes clamping lengths up to 50m, heating up to 220°C, measuring of thermal expansion coefficients and transition points, vibration tests and damage analyses of cables and wires in accordance with German standard VDI 3822.

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