Solution: Consulting Data Driven Strategies

Solution: Consulting Data Driven Strategies

Kian Buchsbaum

Ferdinandstraße 4/1.OG 1020 Wien Österreich

+43 1 375 75 00 14

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DI Alexander Zeppelzauer

Region: Österreich

TÜV AUSTRIA-Platz 1 2345 Brunn am Gebirge Österreich

+43 664 60454 6276

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TÜV AUSTRIA-Platz 1 2345 Brunn/Gebirge Austria

+43(0)504 54

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Data Driven Strategies

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"We support you in a variety of ways to ensure that your teams can operate successfully in the world of data science."

Our support for your Data Driven Stratgies

We support you in a variety of ways to ensure that your teams can operate successfully in the world of data science. One of our main focuses is on building comprehensive platforms that are specifically tailored to the needs of your data science developments. These platforms serve as a robust foundation to develop innovative solutions and maximize the performance of your teams.

Another aspect of our support lies in providing solid foundations for the development of secure and traceable AI solutions. We take great care to ensure that your AI solutions are not only effective, but also safe and transparent.

Our offer includes comprehensive range of services aimed at providing the best possible support for your data science and AI teams. We pride ourselves on offering you not only innovative solutions, but also a collaborative partnership to achieve success together and shape the future of data science.

Data Pipelines 

We support you in setting up data pipelines for the efficient processing of incoming raw data. Creating a seamless data processing infrastructure is crucial to enable high-quality analytics and AI development. Our bespoke data pipelines are designed to optimize the data processing process and give you a clear competitive advantage.

Feature Store 

To further strengthen the basis for comprehensive data analyses and AI developments, we offer the implementation of a feature store. This serves as a uniform, centralized data store that allows you to access relevant data in a structured way. The feature store not only optimizes data storage, but also promotes collaboration and the exchange of information between different teams.

Model Registry

Another tool that we make available to you is the Model Registry. This enables you to manage, compare and develop models in a standardized and comprehensible way. The transparency and comparability of models are decisive factors for the success of AI applications. Our Model Registry helps you to efficiently manage the lifecycle of your models and ensure that they always meet the highest quality standards. By connecting with AI-Ops, we can transfer all existing systems  to such a platform as part of an ML governance project. 

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