Solution: Data Analytics

Solution: Data Analytics

Kian Buchsbaum

Ferdinandstraße 4/1.OG 1020 Wien Österreich

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DI Alexander Zeppelzauer

Region: Österreich

TÜV AUSTRIA-Platz 1 2345 Brunn am Gebirge Österreich

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TÜV AUSTRIA-Platz 1 2345 Brunn/Gebirge Austria

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Data Analytics

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"Seamlessly gain data-driven insights through statistical data analytics: increase efficiency and drive innovation."

Get the most out of your data

With our wide range of services, we not only offer insight into complex relationships through statistical analyses, for example in business processes, but also go far beyond this to meet your data-driven requirements. Automating the reporting of continuously changing data is just one aspect of our comprehensive solutions.

Our analytics capabilities integrate seamlessly with existing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, allowing you to benefit from a holistic approach. We understand the challenges companies face when it comes to extracting valuable information from complex data streams. That’s why we not only focus on statistical data analytics, but also offer specialized services such as knowledge discovery.

In the world of knowledge discovery, we recognize that information in company documents is often not efficiently retrievable. This is where we use state-of-the-art language models that can be adapted to internal company documents. The integration of such a language model not only supports the more efficient use of business processes, but also enables the targeted discovery of relevant knowledge.

In the field of Industrial AI, we go beyond traditional analysis and focus on the optimization of production facilities, which are nowadays often equipped with good sensor technology. Our experience spans numerous successful implementations of machine learning models for customers. These models not only provide monitoring of the process status, which is not directly measurable, but also provide continuous predictions of the expected final product quality.

In addition, our models form the basis for well-founded recommendations for process optimization. This holistic approach not only enables companies to make optimal use of their data, but also to increase their efficiency and implement innovative solutions through data-based decisions. Trust us to successfully overcome your data-driven challenges and lead your company on a forward-looking data journey.

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