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Reducing climate change is possibly the biggest challenge humanity is facing at the moment, and in the decades to come. The overproduction of various hothouse gasses, for a large part driven by the massive consumption of fossil fuels, has been a major contributor. And so now the focus is on reducing that. The transition to renewable energies therefore is very important. Hydrogen plays a vital role in the energy transition, both as an energy carries and storage solution, as well as one of the fuels of the future.

In the past, most hydrogen was produced with the so-called steam reforming process, which basically transformed methane (CH4), natural gas, into hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). This of course does not help to reduce hot house gasses and so the preferred way to produce hydrogen is with the use of renewable energies like wind or solar or hydro power. With this power, water (H2O) can be split into its components hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). A process that is called electrolysis.

Hydrogen produced in such a way is referred to as ‘Green Hydrogen’.

Electrolyser plants are being built at an incredible speed at the moment. In order to meet the ambitious zero emission goals of companies, cities and countries, there is a need for thousands of gigawatts (GW) of electrolyser plants. And they all ned to be build safe and sound and reliable. And that is where TÜV AUSTRIA can play a role.

TÜV AUSTRIA supports along the entire hydrogen value chain and accompanies customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

TÜV AUSTRIA advises on hydrogen feed-in systems with the following core content:

  • Requirements for feeding into the hydrogen network
  • Direct injection of hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline
  • Bypass injection of hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline
  • Direct injection into the hydrogen line

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