Solution: Preliminary testing and strength calculation

Solution: Preliminary testing and strength calculation


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Preliminary testing and strength calculation

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"TÜV AUSTRIA performs preliminary tests and strength calculations for cranes, lifting devices and gates."

Preliminary testing and strength calculation – cranes, lifting devices, gates

Nowadays, the safety and reliability of this equipment is taken for granted. To ensure the safety of cranes, lifting devices and gates, preliminary testing as well as strength calculations are required.

Informational interviews ensure an expert and independent assessment in accordance with the relevant regulations. Our TÜV AUSTRIA technicians undergo continuous training and further education, and we focus on personal communication and technical information.

Part of the TÜV AUSTRIA solution portfolio is also to support with official submissions. Our expertise in this area guarantees the professional preparation and handling of projects.


Range of devices

  • Overhead travelling cranes, trolleys, railroads, gantry cranes, harbour cranes and their fittings
  • Construction cranes, construction elevators, concrete pumps, suspended scaffolds and other construction machines and site equipment
  • car lifts, wheel lifts for service works, parking facilities for parking cars
  • lifting tables, lifting platforms, suspended platforms, ladders, work baskets
  • Ropes, chains, lifting and slinging equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Gates and doors

Services – Cranes, lifting devices, gates

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