Solution: Railway Engineering

Solution: Railway Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Staufer

Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

+43 664 60454 6820

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Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Summer-Ali

Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17 1230 Wien Österreich

+43 664 60454 6801

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Region: Österreich

Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

+43 1 6650 600

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Equipment (Selection)

  • Testing field with 32 servo hydraulic control channels up to 650 kN (13 x 20 m)
  • Servo-hydraulic testing machines up to 630 kN
  • Electro-dynamic testing machines up to 400 kN and 200 Hz
  • Non-contact 3D strain measurement ARAMIS
  • 250+ synchronised measuring channels
  • Tensile testing machines up to 45 MN and 20 m clamping length
  • Compression testing machines up to 18 MN
  • Torsion testing machine 10 kNm
  • Temperature chambers, from -120 °C to +300 °C
  • Testing laboratory with universal testing machines up to 10 MN
  • Microscopy (light and REM/EDX)
  • Elemental analysis with spark spectrometry OES
  • In-situ metallography (replica testing)
  • Corrosion testing, salt spray testing, mobile hydrogen measuring probe
  • Workshops for jig and sample manufacturing

Services (Selection)

  • TVFA is a leading provider of mechanical component and material testing for industry in Europe. Our two locations in Vienna are accredited testing laboratories and offer testing of components of any material, geometry and size.We support our customers in developing and improving the safety and performance of their products. We design, perform and evaluate complex mechanical testing of components and assemblies.


As part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group and in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, TU Wien, we meet the highest standards of safety and innovation to the same extent. Our tests and analyses make products safe and competitive for the market.

As an accredited testing, inspection and certification body we guarantee to maintain a high-level quality management system (EN ISO/IEC 17025, 17020, 17065). This is to ensure precision, accuracy and transparency regarding our test, inspection and certification results as well as legal security for our customers and partners.


Railways (excerpt)

Bombardier Transportation Austria GmbH, Knorr-Bremse GmbH, Siemens AG, Vossloh AG, voestalpine AG, Railtech Deutschland GmbH, Plasser & Theurer GmbH, ÖBB Infra AG, SBB AG, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. (RFI), etc.

Bogie testing

Siemens AG, CRRC


Whether component testing, electromagnetic compatibility, noise measurement or welding technology of railway vehicles. TÜV AUSTRIA accompanies you from the planning to the operation of your railway system.

"TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA offers independent testing of infrastructure components, rolling stock components and overhead lines."

As an accredited testing laboratory for railway systems (ISO/IEC 17025 T, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17065), TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA offers independent testing of infrastructure components, rolling stock components and overhead lines.

We test infrastructure components, rolling stock components and overhead lines. Our services include bogie testing, damping systems, ties, rail fastening systems, wheel and machine components, overhead lines and the connections and guy wires they require, as well as rails and rail joints.

Railway Engineering Solutions

  • Fatigue and strength testing of wheelsets, bogies, frames according to EN 13749, UIC 515-4, UIC 615-4
  • Testing and approval of welding processes
  • Component testing for:
    • Rail fastening systems in accordance with EN 13481 and EN 13146
    • Track ties and switch ties in accordance with EN 13230
    • Cavity-wall ties, track ties and switch ties in accordance with EN 16431
    • Aluminothermically welded rails in accordance with EN 14730
    • Flash-butt welded rails in accordance with EN 14587
  • Insulated rail joints and clamping elements according to technical delivery conditions
  • Tensile strength tests of fastening components in accordance with EN 13481
  • Intermediate plates and sub-ballast mats (spring characteristics) according to technical delivery conditions
  • Catenary components (catenary wire, guy wires, connecting elements) according to technical delivery conditions
  • Load tests up to 10 MN, vibration fatigue tests, spring characteristics
  • Residual stress analyses (cut-out method and hole-drilling method)
  • Monitoring and on-site measurements for vehicles and tracks in operation
  • Corrosion testing, salt spray tests in accordance with relevant standards
  • Damage analyses of components in accordance with VDI 3822
  • Chemical analyses and metallography
  • Supervision and guidance for production development processes
  • Special applications on request

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