Solution: Snow Chains and Other Supplementary Grip Devices

Performance requirements for Supplimentary Grip Devices for tyres of passenger cars and light duty vehicles according to EN 16662-1

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Dipl.-Ing. Vladislav Ivanov

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Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive

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Deutschstraße 10 1230 Wien Österreich

EN 16662-1 is an important European standard for Supplementary Grip Devices on cars and light commercial vehicles, including non-metallic variants.

TÜV AUSTRIA is one of the few accredited providers in Austria that offers the necessary testing procedure for the certification of traction devices. We carefully and objectively test whether traction devices intended for the market comply with the requirements of EN 16662-1. If a product meets the requirements of the standard, it can be certified by an accredited certification body, which serves as an important guide and quality confirmation for customers and consumers.

Youtube video: Performance requirements for Supplimentary Grip Devices

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