Solution: Homologation for commercial customers

Solution: Homologation for commercial customers

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Homologation in the automotive sector - component testing for commercial customers

"TÜV AUSTRIA ist erster Ansprechpartner und Prüfstelle für die Fahrzeugtypisierung in Österreich lt. § 33 Abs. 6 KFG 1967."

Vehicle homologation in Austria

The range of services for commercial customers includes the testing, monitoring and approval of motor vehicles and their components. Vehicle manufacturers usually bring their vehicles onto the market within the scope of homologation or type approval.

In this process, TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive’s experts support the manufacturers in order to prove compliance with the relevant EC regulations to the type approval authority. If this is the case, the manufacturer receives an EC type approval for the respective type and the manufacturer is then entitled to issue a so-called CoC certificate (Certification of Conformity) for each vehicle. This service is also gladly provided for trailer manufacturers, for the EC type approval of the entire trailer or an EC partial type approval for certain technical assemblies such as the rear underride guard according to ECE-R58. Particularly when testing these components, TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive also uses state-of-the-art computational simulation methods in order to be able to offer strength analyses for customers without or in addition to physical real testing.

Range of services offered by the Automotive

Our range of services for commercial customers includes:

  • Discussions with experts to adapt the development and design to legal requirements
  • Support in proving compliance with all EC regulations, including own tests
  • Expert opinions for obtaining EC type-approval
  • Expert opinions for obtaining EC partial operating permits for technical assemblies
  • Designation of various approval authorities
  • Homologation of vehicles and components according to EC/ECE
  • Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17020
  • Component testing and handling of approval procedures, including chassis and components, brake testing, silencers, noise measurement according to ECE-R41.04 and ECE-R51.03 and the testing & certification of road signs

Range of services

We offer testing of most vehicles and components:

  • Replacement silencer
  • Truck underride protection
  • Changing load capacities of lorries
  • Special vehicle construction & individual conversions
  • Trailer coupling
  • Increasing the trailer load
  • Conversion for the disabled
  • Road-legal racing vehicles with performance enhancement
  • Speedometer conversion
  • Conversion to racing seats
  • Snow chain approval
  • Roof rack
  • Motorbike handlebars
  • Slow road train for fairs with 10 km/h approval
  • Amphibious vehicles
  • Stretch limousine
  • Exhibition vehicles with advertising superstructure
  • Vehicles for food sales (food truck)
  • Electric conversion
  • Government vehicles
  • Diplomatic vehicles
  • Special vehicles for film production
  • and many more

Testing of components and vehicles

TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive offers various services in the field of component testing. Below you will find examples of our expertise.

Using the example of the development of a frontal protection system by means of 3D scanning

For manufacturers or distributors of products and components in the automotive sector, there are countless opportunities to benefit from the 3D SCAN service, which is offered by TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive on the basis of a high level of expertise and using the latest hardware and software.

The possible applications in the field of product testing are manifold and can also be developed according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

  • Component scan
  • Surface scan
  • Car body parts scan
  • Shape – comparison scan
  • Fit scan for assembly
  • Interior contour scan
  • Footwell scan
  • Boot scan
  • Vehicle seat scan
  • CAD component comparison
  • Measurement of wheel contours, brake contours, chassis components


Using the example of a roof rack

  • Exterior design according to ECE-R 26
  • Functional design
  • Operational safety
  • Brake test according to ECE-R 13H/ECE-R 13
  • Static load capacity
  • Crash simulation stress (“Citycrash”)
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Weather resistance

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