Solution: TÜV AUSTRIA “Utility Value Tested”

Solution: TÜV AUSTRIA “Utility Value Tested”

TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive

TÜV AUSTRIA "Utility Value Tested"

"Egal ob E-Bike, elektrisches Skateboard oder Bike-Sharing - TÜV AUSTRIA ist Ihre Prüfstelle für alle genehmigungsrelevanten Themen der Mikromobilität."

What is the TÜV AUSTRIA utility value test?

The TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH utility value test ensures the tested high quality standard for the product. The use of the “TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH utility value tested” mark on the product leads to a competitive market advantage. The service of the utility value test is divided into different, individually combinable modules. This module formation makes it possible to put together a testing and monitoring programme that is precisely tailored to the respective needs.


The modules

  • Value in use audit
  • Shipping audit for monitoring the product shipment from the manufacturer to the distributor
  • Affixing the “TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH utility value tested” mark to the product and its advertising brochures
  • Product testing for assortment selection
  • Random product quality testing in the retail trade
  • Product quality testing in ongoing production

The “TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH value tested” mark on the product

  • Seal of quality for the consumer
  • Positive differentiation on the market
  • Neutral and objective product evaluation by an independent third party
  • Creation of trust
  • Verifiable product quality


Testable product categories

In the TÜV AUSTRIA utility value test, all accessory parts of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes and bicycles, pedelecs, etc. can be tested.
Exemplary listing of testable product categories:

  • Hail protection garage
  • Number plate holder
  • Bicycle accessories (grips, handlebars, bells, lights, etc., …)
  • Bicycle as a whole
  • Bicycle trailers for cargo
  • Bicycle trailer for transporting children
  • Electric scooter
  • Accessories for electric scooters (light, seat, etc., …)
  • Rear view camera
  • Front charging systems for electric vehicles
  • GPS monitoring devices
  • Camping accessories
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Wiper blades
  • Car cover tarpaulins


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