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Digital radiography (CR)

The main difference between digital (computed) radiography and conventional radiographic inspection is the use of digital imaging plates instead of classic X-ray films.

The imaging plates are first exposed and then read out in a scanner. The digital signals are stored in image information so that the images produced can be further processed afterwards.

Advantages of digital (computed) radiography (CR)

  • Improved evaluation due to variable contrast settings during computer-aided evaluation
  • Reduction of radiation dose due to lower exposure times
  • No wet chemical development in the darkroom
  • Fast data access at different locations
  • Position control of internals (e.g. valve position) and detection of deposits in closed systems
  • No stripping of pipelines for testing
  • Large wall thickness differences can be imaged with shorter exposure times
  • Well suited for recurring inspections and as part of RBI programs

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