Solution: Legal register & environmental law register

Solution: Legal register & environmental law register

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TÜV AUSTRIA suggest: Legal register & environmental law register

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"TÜV AUSTRIA provides support through joint inspections, which are defined by law as mandatory under plant law."

Legal register & environmental law register

In the course of joint inspections, we identify the statutory obligations from a defined field of law for your company or organization. Our expertise lies in the following areas of construction and engineering law:

  • Environmental law
  • Trade law
  • Water rights
  • Employee protection
  • Railway law
  • Energy law
  • Gas industry law
  • Pipeline law

As a result, you will receive a summary of the corresponding laws and regulations. This leads to a greater degree of legal security in your company. The lawful operation of your plant and equipment is also of great importance for your employees and customers.

Legal information system

You receive comprehensive and prompt information about the development of legal conditions. We will instruct you about which statutory changes have been made and which adjustments these necessitate on your part.

Management of verification obligations – TÜV AUSTRIA tami

We keep any eye on the current verification obligations for you so as to guarantee you legal security at all times. Compliance with deadlines as well as tracking the proper provision of services are the two key elements to ensure your operator’s responsibility. Further information about TUV AUSTRIA tami

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