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Solution: Personal Certification

Solution: Personal Certification

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TÜV AUSTRIA Personal Certification

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"TÜV AUSTRIA Personal Certification"


A TÜV AUSTRIA personal certificate stands for lifelong learning because certifications include an obligation for permanent further training and practical proofs. The certificate offers you objective proof of your skills and gives you a clear advantage in the professional world. Moreover, the TÜV AUSTRIA personal certificate brings an image and qualification advantage.

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Qualification advantage with a TÜV AUSTRIA personal certificate

TÜV AUSTRIA personal certificate based on the international standard ISO/IEC 17024 is the seal of quality to demonstrate your expertise.


  • Confirmation of a currently valid competence (= knowledge + skills)
  • internationally recognised
  • quality criterion
  • has worldwide validity
  • Expert testing – objective and independent
  • Monitoring and recertification (proof of continuous further training and professional practice in the specified validity framework according to the specifications of ISO/IEC17024 highlights the topicality of the existing qualification)
  • Clear competitive advantage in the labour market

TÜV AUSTRIA certification

Even certification bodies are governed by standards. TÜV AUSTRIA satisfies the strict requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17024, which regulates the certification of persons and specifies requirements on training institutions and certification bodies.

Certification procedure
Certification is a procedure that can be used by an impartial certification body to prove compliance with certain requirements. These requirements are set out in the certification program that has been drawn up on the basis of ISO/IEC 17024.

Training and other requirements
Training completed at a training institution that has been evaluated by TÜV AUSTRIA grants entitlement to participation in the certification examination and is preparation for this. Depending on the qualification, some extra requirements such as professional experience, specialist competence, educational background and the like may be demanded.

Certification test
To prove their competence, applicants for a certificate undergo an examination. The following partial examinations are possible depending on the target qualification:

  • Written examination
  • Project work
  • Presentation
  • Technical discussion
  • Practical test
  • Certification
  • Successful participation in the respective training course, passing the certification examination and the fulfillment of any other requirements lead to a positive certification decision.


Successful participation in the respective course, passing the certification exam and meeting the other requirements lead to a positive certification decision and the issuing of a certificate.

A certificate is a check of qualification with a limited validity and thus has to be renewed within a set period. An existing qualification can be extended and prolonged by satisfying the requirements of a re-certification.

Proof of certification
The positive certification decision will be confirmed by a TÜV AUSTRIA certificate. The front provides information


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