Concentrated Automotive expertise at TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center


The TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center, Vienna’s most modern testing and research centre, is taking another step towards the future thanks to the opening of the new Automotive Competence Hub. The newly constructed test hall and office building complex offers all automotive tests and inspections in combination with the existing wheel and tyre test halls. Whether vehicles with conventional combustion engines, electric drives or alternative propulsion systems such as hydrogen, the perfectly networked TÜV AUSTRIA location in the south of Vienna is at the cutting edge of technology and thus the address for testing services for all aspects of motor vehicles.

Eröffnung durch CEO Dr. Stefan Haas
TÜV AUSTRIA CEO DI Dr. Stefan Haas at the opening of the Automotive Competence Hub
Dipl.-HTL-Ing Christian Kubik zeigt die neuen Möglichkeiten des Automotive-Kompetenz-Hubs auf
Christian Kubik shows the new possibilities of the automotive competence hub

From the classic car to the ultra-modern lifting platform

For car enthusiasts, the new Competence Hub represents a significant expansion of the automotive options at the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center. In addition to the testing of converted or imported cars, classic cars, small trucks and motor homes, trailers and motorbikes as well as §57a inspections, state-of-the-art lifting platforms for cars and small trucks, motorbikes including assembly pits with automatic roller cover including roll-off test bench have been implemented.

Eröffnung des Automotive-Kompetenz Hubs

The two electro-hydraulic underfloor scissor lifts for cars and small trucks with a lifting capacity of approx. 6 t and the electro-hydraulic motorbike lift with a lifting capacity of approx. 600 kg enable all offered inspections to be carried out safely and efficiently. One platform has been specially designed for electric mobility with regard to the requirements of a high-voltage workstation. The new and ultra-modern test pit for vehicle inspections is secured by an automatic roller cover made of galvanised steel with a load capacity of 10 tonnes. A 20 t hydraulic articulated play tester and a 15 t hydraulic pit jack complete the state-of-the-art equipment of our automotive competence hub.

A compact exhaust system integrated into the prefabricated assembly pit protects TÜV AUSTRIA employees and customers from vehicle exhaust fumes at the brake test stand (integrated into the prefabricated assembly pit) by means of roof ventilation. The test hall of the Automotive Competence Hub can be conveniently accessed via four electric and radio-controlled high-speed doors (3x east, 1x west). An inserted walk-through door increases energy efficiency in the cold seasons.

The driving assistance system calibration test bench as a technical highlight

Especially after structural changes to the chassis (such as lowering, raising), the calibration of assistance systems after various vehicle conversions should not be neglected, because these systems only function properly if the chassis is also correctly adjusted. For example, the function of camera-based assistance systems such as intelligent light systems depends on correct calibration. In the case of structural changes to the chassis, the adjustment of the headlights and the calibration of the assistance systems must be checked in most cases after the chassis check (measurement). TÜV AUSTRIA now offers this service thanks to the new calibration test bench and will optionally include this information in the expert opinion in the future – an additional offer for our customers.

Our customers can now comfortably follow the testing procedure on their high-quality vehicles from the modern and comfortably equipped customer waiting area through the generously designed glass pane of the connecting door between the customer waiting area and the testing hall.

Thanks to the ideally utilised spatial conditions, the state-of-the-art equipment and the optimal networking with other TÜV AUSTRIA solution offerings at the Technology & Innovation Center, e.g. the EMC hall with the possibility of performing EMC tests on vehicles and vehicle components, the Automotive Competence Hub is the perfect contact point for all testing and inspection activities on motor vehicles.

#wedo: Automotive test methods

The TÜV AUSTRIA #wedo expert videos provide a detailed insight into our wide range of solutions in the field of automotive testing procedures:

TÜV AUSTRIA Group #wedo ... Auflastung - Erhöhung der Nutzlast
Video: TÜV AUSTRIA Group #wedo … Load increase – increase of the payload
TÜV AUSTRIA Group: #wedo ... CARLOS TC Tests
Video: TÜV AUSTRIA Group: #wedo … CARLOS TC Tests
TÜV AUSTRIA Group #wedo ... Prüfverfahren für zusätzliche Gleitschutzvorrichtungen
Video: TÜV AUSTRIA Group #wedo … Test method for additional anti-skid devices


Dipl.-HTL-Ing Christian Kubik, MBA

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas: Gold and silver at the Green Brand Awards 2024 for its commitment to sustainability


TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas honoured at the Green Brand Awards 2024:
Gold and silver award for commitment to sustainability


New ISO requirement:
Climate change will be included in all management system standards

On 22 February 2024, IAF and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a joint communiqué to highlight the publication of Climate Action Amendments to new and existing ISO management systems standards, in support of the ISO London Declaration. The intent is to ensure that Climate Change issues are considered by the organization in the context of the effectiveness of the management system, in addition to all other issues. TÜV AUSTRIA has summarized FAQ about the new regulations.

Kooperation innotec und SIListra


SIListra Systems and innotec Partner to Improve Functional Safety
Revolutionizing Functional Safety with Hardware Independent Safety

SIListra Systems GmbH, a highly specialized software company, and innotec GmbH, a consulting company specialized in Functional Safety, announced their strategic partnership to improve the safety development of embedded systems. The collaboration brings together SIListra’s cutting-edge software tool, the certified SIListra Safety Transformer, and innotec expertise in functional safety solutions, aiming for a holistic approach to functional safety.

TÜV Austria Iberia obtém acreditação para certificar produtos de plástico reciclado (norma EN 15343)

OK Recycled

Recognizing the growing importance of environmental sustainability:
TÜV AUSTRIA Iberia obtains accreditation to certify recycled plastic products (EN 15343)

Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group (C) TÜV AUSTRIA, Roland Rudolph

End-of-year remarks

Into the new year with optimism
Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group

The Russian war of aggression has still not come to an end, we are witnesses to Israel’s fight against Hamas terror. Natural disasters, environmental pollution and much more cast a dim outlook on the future. So why are we actually optimistic about 2024?


Recognized at the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2023” Awards

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas has once again affirmed its strong presence in the domestic market by receiving recognition at this year’s “Diamonds of the Greek Economy” awards. The ceremony celebrating business excellence took place on Wednesday 14th of December 2023, at the Grand Bretagne Hotel, attended by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras, and executives from the country’s most dynamic business groups and organizations. This recognition is a testament to the company’s successful journey, as it continues to grow dynamically, investing in innovation and development.

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas: Gold and silver at the Green Brand Awards 2024 for its commitment to sustainability
Kooperation innotec und SIListra
TÜV Austria Iberia obtém acreditação para certificar produtos de plástico reciclado (norma EN 15343)
Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group (C) TÜV AUSTRIA, Roland Rudolph

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