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Certification of persons

Personal certification

The dynamics of the labor market and progressive internationalization call for transparent and quality-assured qualifications. Proofs of qualification and competences are reliable aids for orientation when it comes to skills, knowledge and practical experience for employers, principals and customers.

Person certificates & EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Due to the commencement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25th, 2018, the automatic request of person certificates via our website will be temporarily disabled as the publication of data specific to individuals without explicit consent of the individual concerned is no longer allowed. 

Note: We only publish information on person certificates if the certificate in question is valid and if the certificate owner has agreed via a written request to the publication of certificate information (first, last name, academic degree, certificate number).

Certificate owners may send us their application for publication of certificate information by online form.

Certificate owners may send us their application for publication of certificate information by email to personenzertifizierung@tuv.at or by mail. 

For questions regarding person certification please contact us by email personenzertifizierung(at)tuv.at.

For further questions regarding data protection, please contact datenschutz@tuv.at

Quality assurance is very important to us. To check the validity of a person certificate please call  Tel.: +43 (0)504 54-8133. To check the validity of SCC certificates issued before 2015 call Tel.: +43 (0)504 54-6251.

A certificate says more than thousand words

A  TÜV AUSTRIA personal certificate stands for lifelong learning because certifications include an obligation for permanent further training and practical proofs. The certificate offers you objective proof of your skills and gives you a clear advantage in the professional world. Moreover, the TÜV AUSTRIA personal certificate brings an image and qualification advantage. Find out more about the proofs of competence in the various specialized fields.

A selection of certification for persons

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Automotive
  • Structural & Building Services Engineering
  • Fire Protection
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Health Care
  • Hygiene Management
  • IT & Data Security
  • Refrigeration & a/c Technology
  • Food safety
  • Management & Personality
  • Online & Digital Marketing
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • System Security & Functional Security
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Materials & Welding Technology

TÜV AUSTRIA certification procedure: standard ISO/IEC 17024

Even certification bodies are governed by standards. TÜV AUSTRIA satisfies the strict requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17024, which regulates the certification of persons and specifies requirements on training institutions and certification bodies.

Certification procedure

Certification is a procedure that can be used by an impartial certification body to prove compliance with certain requirements. These requirements are set out in the certification program that has been drawn up on the basis of ISO/IEC 17024.

Training and other requirements
Training completed at a training institution that has been evaluated by TÜV AUSTRIA grants entitlement to participation in the certification examination and is preparation for this. Depending on the qualification, some extra requirements such as professional experience, specialist competence, educational background and the like may be demanded.

Certification test
To prove their competence, applicants for a certificate undergo an examination. The following partial examinations are possible depending on the target qualification:

  • Written examination
  • Project work
  • Presentation
  • Technical discussion
  • Practical test
  • Certification

Successful participation in the respective training course, passing the certification examination and the fulfillment of any other requirements lead to a positive certification decision.

A certificate is a check of qualification with a limited validity and thus has to be renewed within a set period. An existing qualification can be extended and prolonged by satisfying the requirements of a re-certification.

Proof of certification
The positive certification decision will be confirmed by a TÜV AUSTRIA certificate. The front provides information on the qualification that has been achieved and the rear contains descriptive information about the further training, other requirements and the training partner. Certified persons will also receive photo ID depending on the certified qualification. This gives certified experts the possibility of proving their competence visibly and easily at any time (e.g. on their clothing). In addition, the name and the qualification of all certified persons will be published on the TÜV AUSTRIA website as long as the certification is valid. This means that anyone can easily search for existing qualifications at any time.

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