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Product certification: The right partner makes the difference

Product certification

Product certification means confirmation of the conformity of products with certain requirements. These requirements are defined in standards, laws and regulations. But confirming some general criteria for a product is not enough for us because often only certain minimum requirements have to be met. Conventional standards frequently make few allowances for fitness for use, user friendliness and quality.
Certifications can improve customer benefits in the fields of systems, services, products and persons. Both the generally applicable certification regulations as well as the respective certification program for a concrete certification request will be provided on request.

Product certification: every kind of product can be certified
Whether products and commodities, or even procedures, processes and services: certified products are also monitored on a regular basis by TÜV AUSTRIA with respect to their compliance with criteria, corresponding to strict quality assurance.

Products are tested in a user-specific way through factory inspections, laboratory tests, practical tests and studies. The submitted product is only certified when all of these individual tests have been passed.

Proofs of certification
Marking or labeling means attention. Voluntary certification reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in their products. Successful certification of a product leads to a TÜV AUSTRIA certificate.
What’s more, the TÜV AUSTRIA logos may be attached to the product and used for promotional purposes. In addition, successfully certified products also appear in the public TÜV AUSTRIA list of products.

The added value: a significant competitive advantage
Certification by TÜV AUSTRIA creates confidence and is objective proof of the quality of the product. Proofs of certification from TÜV AUSTRIA are primarily conceived of as clear and compact information for buyers, decision-makers and clients. Products that have been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA often have a significant competitive advantage. The widespread acceptance of the proofs of certification from TÜV AUSTRIA is also expedited through intense cooperation with lobby groups, authorities, manufacturers, standardization groups and research institutes. The result: quality, reliability and a new dimension in profitability.

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