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Are you on a corrosion course?
With us, you will always navigate rust-free.

TÜV AUSTRIA Group's cathodic corrosion protection expertise

Our TÜV AUSTRIA Group corrosion experts at TPA KKS GmbH and METALogic look forward to receiving your inquiry.


Corrosion caused by potential differences between metallic materials and their environments

Corrosion is always due to potential differences between a metallic material (e.g. a pipeline) and its environment. It is an electrochemical process in which material is removed from the metal surface. Passive protective measures, such as sheathing or coatings, do not offer sufficient protection in practice, since even the smallest damage or scratches in the sheathing can cause severe corrosion damage. Comprehensive protection is therefore only offered by a combination of passive and active protective measures, such as cathodic corrosion protection.

The corrosion process can be actively influenced by applying an electrical voltage between metal and ground. The cathodic corrosion protection causes a potential reduction and thus reduces the corrosion erosion rate to a technically negligible value (approx. 0.01 mm per year).

Cathodic corrosion protection systems

There are basically two options available for the implementation of active corrosion protection or cathodic corrosion protection: Cathodic protection with external current or with galvanic anodes.

TPA KKS - TÜV AUSTRIA Group subsidiary V&C offers both design variants, but prefers to work with cathodic protection for buried structures.

Lab tests

  • Exposure tests
  • Customized test procedures
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Simulation of environmental influences
  • (Cyclic) salt spray tests
  • Materials testing
  • Error analysis
  • Cyclic polarization tests

On-site services

  • Corrosion analysis of sprinkler systems
  • Corrosion and coating inspection of underground tanks
  • Study of soil corrosion and cathodic protection
  • Endoscopy
  • Replica examination
  • Corrosion and coating monitoring
  • Integrity measurement by means of sound emission

Further services

  • Corrosion engineering and consultancy
  • Training & further education
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