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Electrical Engineering

Beware High Voltage

The use of electrical and electronic devices and appliances has become a self-evident part of our everyday life.

The safety of these products still cannot be taken for granted. they can represent a serious source of danger. Marginal risks must be kept as low as possible to protect human life and our environment. This aim calls for a consequent safety philosophy that is rather difficult to carry out sometimes due to tough competition.

Profitability, safety and availability of a product are determined by a multitude of factors. These reach from design over production, quality securing systems, tests, sale and installation to the highly responsible surveillance and inspection.

We have wide-spread know-how in the field of electrical engineering also combining energy and plant technology, product safety and explosion protection.

Due to our cooperation with the other divisions within TÜV Austria we are able to offer optimal comprehensive advice and tests in simply every safety issue.

Let's take the challenge together!

Plant Technology

Electric plants have to comply with the Electrical Technology Law (Elektrotechnikgesetz). TUV Austria carries out the periodical inspections of plants that go under the mining law and law for mining of raw materials according to the maintenance of the duly condition as accredited testing and inspection body according to the decree for electrical protection.

We offer these services for:

  • Electrical plants with industry
  • Electrical plants, that go under the official mining laws
  • Electrical plants according to the law for the protection of workers (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz), decree for electrical protection (Elektroschutzverordnung)
  • Electrical plants according to the decree for explosion protection that are:
  1. Electrical plants within explosion endangered areas as e.g. in refineries or in tank farms
  2. Benzin- and diesel petrol pumps
  3. Electro-mechanical air filters
  4. Explosion proof lifting devices
  5. Explosion proof engines and vehicles
  • Electrical high voltage plants
  • Electrical low voltage plants
  • Safety relevant and high available plant controls
  • Electrical installations at machines
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Control in case of fire
  • Cathodic corrosion protection installations at pipelines and tank farms
  • Electrical installations in theatres, cinemas, stage technical equipment
  • Garages
  • Swimming pools
  • Emergency power supply plants
  • Gas warning systems
  • Electrical installations in training facilities

Lightning Protection

Today technology helps against the force of nature. Buildings, park of machines and computer networks can be protected against lightning by facilities against lightning and overvoltage.

The target is to protect structural works against lightning influence for persons, installations and equipment in or at these.

Process Control Systems and Functional Safety

Today's demands on products, namely to be as cheap as possible and at the same time of higher quality, can only be coped with by means of extensive manufacturing and processing procedures. Competition encourages automation technology to develop more ingenious systems to produce more sophisticated and high quality products. This creates the impression "everything is possible".

TUV Austria can but partly agree to this statement. Simple automation and control systems can be applied to devices, that have clearly defined safe conditions, e.g. standstill and that only process harmless materials and energies.

In cases, however, where the failure of process systems could exeed the tenable marginal risk and present a harm to mankind, animals and environment further measures are prerequisite.

Systems must be installed that guarantee that the intended function can be fulfilled even if one or more failures occur. That is why cars have several brake systems, aeroplanes are equipped with multiple channels, etc.

Our services include:

  • issue of safety technical load documentation
  • elaboration of the state of the art in the particular field
  • coaching of planners, customers and suppliers
  • acceptance tests of process systems
  • acceptance tests of industrial furnaces
  • acceptance tests of power station heating
  • acceptance tests of hardening and annealing furnaces

Infrared Thermovision - Early Diagnosis of Weak Points

Substantial areas of application are:

Preventive maintenance - saving time and money:

Increased heat development in technical systems is mostly an unmistakeable sign for a looming or existing defect. This can be detected by means of the new thermal camera before a costly breakdown occurs.

Low voltage devices - saving money with regular tests:

Within low voltage installations the thermal camera reliably detects defective clamps, high contact resistance, overloaded cords and overheated installations as a result of heat build-ups. Thanks to digital photographic memory and exact evaluation regular tests can be carried out in a specific and cost-saving way.

High voltage devices - tests without switching off:

The thermal condition of high voltage installations can be assessed from a safe distance. By using a thermal camera it is no longer necessary to switch off the devices to be tested.

Locating leakage - without caousing damage:

Leakages have their "thermal fingerprints" on all kinds of pipes (heating, water, gas, district heating, etc.) and can therefore easily be detected by the camera.

It looks behind walls, ceilings and floors without caousing damage. By means of digital photographic memory you gain a complete documentation of the defects, that guarantees an exact localization.

Construction thermovision - supervision and redevelopment:

The thermal camera is also applied for finding sources of energy loss in buildings. The results provide a basis for redevelopment and for the effectiveness of the particular insulation.

Here are some of the specifications of TUV Austria's thermal camera:

  • unrivalled infrared measuring system
  • exact documentation computer supported analysis ensures
  • digital filing for long-term observations
  • employment individually tailored to our customer's requirements
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