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Environment Protection

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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection and sensible use of resources and technologies are among today's major challenges. The decisions taken along the way determine the future and the quality of life of generations to come.

It is the obligation of industrial production site operators and traffic authorities in particular not to counteract any efforts to further environmental protection.

In this day and age one needs to view technologies and their effects as well as their public acceptance in their entirety.

The complexity of technologies and their underlying regulations entail highest requirements of all those concerned.

That includes authorities, the legislation and especially business with regard to the necessary financial means. The way to lasting and responsible solutions can sometimes be very arduous though.

TUV AUSTRIA is your competent partner for efficient resource and environment management.

Let's take on the challenge together!

Acoustics: Noise in the environment: assistance and problem-solving

Road traffic noise, noise at the workplace, operating noise of machinery, etc.: various types of problem require comprehensive expertise in acoustic matters. Based on long-standing experience, TÜV AUSTRIA is able to offer many expert services in this field of environmental protection.

Whether you require measurements directly at the noise source or at immission points, short-term or long-term measurements: we have state-of-the-art measuring equipment and specially trained employees at our disposal for the most varied demands.

The result: objective and valid measurement results as a basis for assessments and further courses of action.

TÜV has been at the forefront of acoustic engineering in Austria for 25 years and is notified by the European Commission in accordance with Directive 2000/14/EC. Furthermore, TÜV AUSTRIA is an accredited testing, inspection and certification body in the field of acoustics.

TÜV AUSTRIA offers the following services regarding acoustics:

  • Measuring acoustic emissions
  • Production monitoring with regard to acoustic aspects
  • Certifying quality management systems
  • Advice in preparing conformity assessments
  • Advice in establishing internal monitoring
  • Assessing noise reduction measures
  • Reviewing various design and redevelopment options
  • Simulation and propagation calculations
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Assistance in dealing with the authorities

TÜV AUSTRIA has particular experience in the following fields:

  • Energy supply
  • Mining law-compliant plants
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Noise at the workplace (CE marking for machinery)
  • Construction machinery
  • Building acoustics
  • Road and railway noise
  • Redevelopment measures

Noise emitted by outdoor machinery

In July 2000, Directive 2000/14/EC (Directive on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors) came into force. As of Federal Law Gazette No. 249/2001, this Directive has been incorporated into Austrian law.

It defines types of machinery that must be marked with a sound power level, specifies sound power limit values for certain types of equipment, includes regulations concerning the measurement of sound power and determines monitoring processes and procedures in preparing declarations of conformity.

There are 57 models (from construction machines to gardening equipment) that are required to display the sound power level. Some of these must additionally keep to the even more rigorous limit value introduced in 2006. A declaration of conformity is a prerequisite for selling these machines on the European market, as is a mark specifying the guaranteed sound power level and the CE mark.

TÜV AUSTRIA is notified by the European Commission (Notified Body 0408) according to Directive 2000/14/EC and is thus qualified to perform measurements on equipment within the meaning of the Directive.

To facilitate entry into the conformity assessment procedure and to learn about the requirements and regulations of the Directive, TÜV AUSTRIA offers all Austrian manufacturers and importers of affected equipment a concise, one-off consultation at a competitive price.


Odour nuisance is increasingly perceived as problematic by the general public. TÜV AUSTRIA can contribute significantly to solving this problem.

Based on long-standing experience and continuous further training, TÜV AUSTRIA experts are qualified to support industry and trade in surmounting odour problems.

Tried and tested processes and state-of-the-art measurement techniques serve as a basis to detect and analyse odorous substances precisely and objectively. You can therefore rely on irrefutable evidence regarding the emittants and their level of nuisance.

Besides measuring and assessing odorous substance emissions and immissions, TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES GMBH employees offer hands-on assistance in implementing odour reduction measures and support their customers in dealing with the authorities

TÜV AUSTRIA offers the following services regarding odour:

  • Odour analysis
  • Measuring the concentration and intensity of odorous substances
  • Selecting the most suitable exhaust air cleaning system available
  • Simulation and propagation calculations for odorous substances
  • Measuring odorous substance immission and level of nuisance
  • Assistance in dealing with the authorities

CO2 reduction: a challenge for industry

In the scope of the Kyoto Protocol, the Member States of the European Union committed themselves to reducing their CO2 emissions by 8% by 2012 compared to the base year 1990.

To this end, the EU has adopted a CO2 Emissions Trading Directive, which has been implemented in national legislation in Austria as of Federal Law Gazette No. 46/2000 – ECA, Emission Certificates Act of 30 April 2004.

Austria has taken part in this reduction with a national objective of lowering CO2 emissions by a total of 13%.

In the scope of implementation, a national allocation plan including proposals for CO2 emission allowances in individual areas was drawn up and forwarded to the Commission.

Austrian industry is familiar with the permissible emissions and has been implementing the obligations set out in the ECA over the past years.

Highly qualified employees of TÜV AUSTRIA offer companies advice and support in this regard.

By decision of the Ministry of Life of 7 February 2005, TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES GMBH is authorised as an independent inspection facility employing individual approved inspectors and experts according to § 10 ECA.

TÜV AUSTRIA offers the following services regarding CO2 management:

  • General information on the subject of CO2 management and emissions trading
  • Assistance with the application for approval of CO2 emissions
  • Assistance with regard to the emission declaration, monitoring methods and implementation
  • Expert’s reports and assessments regarding different monitoring methods
  • Certification of operating procedures in the scope of measuring CO2 emissions, of the applied monitoring methods and the emission report
  • Verification of the emission reports mandatory since the end of 2005
  • Information on JI/CDM Projects

Operators of all types of plant as specified in the Austrian Emission Certificates Act are among our customers:

These include for example:

  • Energy transformation and conversion plants (furnaces, mineral oil refineries, coke ovens)
  • Iron metal production and processing plants
  • Mineral processing industry (glass, cement, ceramics, bricks, tiles)
  • Other lines of industry (e.g. paper, cardboard or carton manufacturing plants)
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